My Definition of True Friendship (So Far)

Real friends stay equally loyal and are there for you no matter how often or not often you see them. These friendships can be picked up where they are left off and they know that just because you don’t see them often, or they don’t see you often, doesn’t mean they are any less important. There is a mutual understanding that life gets busy, serious relationships happen, and they know that sometimes working on accomplishing goals will get in the way of hanging out regularly. They don’t become bitter about it or whine, and they will not tell you that you should try to do less things so that there is more time for them. They are supportive and will cheer you on, and you reciprocate it. They are not selfish. They don’t get jealous and start belittling you because you want to make something more of your life, and they are content with theirs. They know that if they really needed you, you’d drop everything for them, no matter what. Most of my best friends each live in different places, are at different stages in life with uni, relationships, travelling for months, or even work, and no matter what, I have closer friendships with them than most of the people I see everyday. It’s not the quantity of days spent with each other that matters, it’s the quality of the time spent, no matter how little, that make a person a true friend. They also know there will be and are patient for the time later on in life where things can get back to how they were in the beginning, and time can be spent more often again. That’s what real friends do.

This is what i feel about friendship so far, from experiences in my life with my close friends. I will probably add more to it when I have more life experiences, but I know nothing I said will change.


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