5 Tips to get BACK into School Mode

What’s up everyone? Happy Friday! So, for most of us students, we’ve just finished our second week back at school after a long Christmas break where we either slept, worked, hung out, ate, or something totally unrelated to practicing equations or writing 5000 word essays, for majority of the time. My Christmas break was spent in my hometown, where I was only awake for at least 4-5 hours of daylight, and worked at the local sports lounge. I have found it a little challenging to get back into organizing my life and waking up at decent hours, that i have decided to create a list of ways that will make our lives easier.

I realize most of these “back-to-school” lists come out before the break even ends, but many people don’t realize they need some “assistance” until they start falling behind, so people, I am here to help you. It doesn’t have to be January 1st to have a “perfect” start to the year. Your perfect start can be on Monday, January 20th, and be just as good. So, let’s get started…

1. Sleep Schedule

My sleep schedule for all 23 days of my Christmas break was: go to bed at three or four in the morning and wake up at one or two in the afternoon the next day. An effective way to back that schedule back on track in a jiffy is NOT to force yourself to go to bed early (this won’t work because you’ll only just lay there until the time you usually go to bed), but try to wake up at six or seven in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to bed at 4:00 am…just WAKE UP before 8, and you’ll be able to go to bed by ten or eleven the next day, voila! You’re welcome.

2. Eating Schedule

Like the sleep schedule, over the holidays we tend to eat at ANY time of day, in no particular order (breakfast at supper, turkey and cake for breakfast), and also whatever we feel like. This will effect how energized we feel during the day, as well as maybe contribute to packing on a few pounds. To get back on track, make sure to wake up at a reasonable time, so that you can have breakfast, lunch, supper, as well as a few snack times in between, at schedule hours that you can  do daily. Our body naturally runs on a schedule, so it is important to not let it get out of sync.

3. Organize your life on Paper

If you are like me, you like to have everything you do (future plans, past events, to-do lists, monthly goals) written on paper. I personally prefer using a daily planner compared to a digital planner (on the computer or smartphone) because it helps me remember things more. When everything is written down in something that you have with you all the time, it will be easier to plan future meetings, write down due dates and exams, and see when you are free for that hot date you have coming up!

4. Go to the Gym

Nothing feels better than a great work out! To feel more energized, have a better appetite, and just look better in general, do your research on exercises and workouts and hit the gym! This will get you sleeping better as well, and whenever I go to the gym, it is the ONE things guaranteed in the day that I will start with a goal and finish, giving me a sense of accomplishment for the day. Personally, I go in the evening because I am not a morning person what-so-ever, but if you can go in the morning and give your body that jump-start, more power to you! If you are not comfortable going by yourself, find a work-out buddy with the same goals and drive as you, so that you can help each other reach it. Do NOT go with someone that doesn’t have similar goals, because you will leave feeling let down by yourself or like you are dragging someone around the gym that doesn’t want to be there (just a tip).

5. Make some free time

Through the hustle and bustle of the school, gym, and even work, make sure to keep yourself from going insane, make some free time to hang out with friends or having a personal movie night.

Thank you for reading my 5 tips, they are simple and with the right mindset, everything will fall into place despite the immediate rush of projects and homework. Tell me if you have anymore to add and stay tuned for more upcoming posts!

Photo by Kaihla Tonai.

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