What does “Taking a Break” mean?


Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway through the week and also three days away from Valentine’s Day!! Today’s topic, as hinted by the title, is what does it mean to “take a break” during a relationship? If you’re expecting to get back together before Valentine’s day, chances are that won’t happen… or if it does, that’s great! Personally, I don’t believe in relationship “breaks” because they generally mean that there is something already wrong with the relationship, and ignoring it by taking a “break” for however long won’t get rid of the problem. I realize in some cases, breaks do work though, so I’m not hating. Don’t take this post too seriously, people! I wrote this cause I thought it’d be a fun read and maybe it’s something that you can relate to or maybe it will be helpful to someone out there in the world! Anyways, let’s go…here are  some reasons why couples “take a break”:

  1. He or she is a coward. The relationship is already failing and a breakup is in the near future, but the person wanting to break up cannot bring it to themselves to truthfully let their S/O they do not want them anymore.
  2. One person is not getting what they want out of the relationship. This can mean the person isn’t getting their emotional needs, physical needs, or companionship needs met, and they are trying to get their bf or gf to know that they won’t stay if they don’t “step up” and be there for them in whatever way. This won’t solve the problem; if anything the other person might feel relieved they aren’t pressured to be as heavily involved as they were in the relationship. Stop playing games and speak your mind!
  3. More “me” time. Although I feel if a couple truly cared about each other, they wouldn’t get in the way of each other’s dreams and actually try to help and encourage each other to reach them, some people get in the way of their S/O and are too time-consuming to date and go for their personal and career goals  at the same time. This type of reason usually means that the person calling the break still has feelings and wants to keep the relationship, but they want to have some time to themselves where they can solely focus on their goals. This type of break I feel can go back to become a successful relationship, considering the other person starts to realize they have to support their partner, not bring them down. If you’re with someone that isn’t letting you grow as a person, dump their discouraging ass right now!
  4. The thirst is TOO real. This one is pretty self-explanatory…have you ever felt suffocated by your bf/gf? Everyone has a different level of tolerance to what they think the right amount of affection should be, or couples usually find a balance and compromise to make each other happy, but there’re always those people that just DON’T get it. Aka…the over attached girlfriend.
  5. The relationship is too serious…for one person. Being 21 and in university, this is the most common type of break I see. One person wants to have fun and generally not be “tied down” to anyone, but they got into a relationship that they weren’t ready for. This sometimes doesn’t just end up as a break, but maybe a demotion for the bf/gf, so congrats, you may now be a FWB…aka. a booty call.
  6. There is someone else. Again, self-explanatory… the one calling the break has met someone else or might be cheating on you and wants to be with that person instead. Bam. That really sucks, but better out than in a dishonest relationship, TBH.
  7. He or she is still in the closet (or vice versa). Yes, I know, this is a little controversial to say,  but nowadays, not really! This can be for gay or straight couples, maybe their sexual orientation isn’t what they thought it was, so they’re calling a break because they can’t quite say what they are at the moment. If you suspect this is the reason for your break, don’t be rude about it. They’re still trying to find themselves and feel comfortable with who they are.

Tell me what you think of these reasons and if you have any others to add to this list. Or maybe share your experiences being in the “lets take a break” situation!

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