7 Tips for Beautiful Lips!


Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend. Today I just wanted to make another “tips” blog, and this time about lipstick. So many people don’t realize not all lipstick is for everyone and I’m just going to list a bunch of stuff that I know from myself learning through experience, other people’s tips, and just through observations of other ladies. Why should you listen to my tips? Well you don’t have to, but I just wanted to share my knowledge and help some of you out 🙂

Here goes:

1. Moisturize them lips before putting on lipstick. Whether it’s with chap stick, or Vaseline, and also, in the summer, make sure your chap stick has some SPF in it to protect it from the sun if you’re outside for hours. Also stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

2. Use an exfoliating scrub or dry bristle tooth brush to get RID of dry skin and flakes on your lips during the cold months.

3. If you have THIN lips, stay away from dark colors. This only makes them look more noticeably thin; stick to lighter and warmer colours, it’ll help make them look fuller; shiny lipstick helps them look more plump. Lipliner can also help in this department, if you line slightly outside your natural lip line, it’ll add a little bit of illusion of volume, just make sure that it matches your lipstick!

4. Classic red lipstick looks good on everyone. Red is like a little black dress, it goes for any occasion.

5. The lighter your skin, the less dark of lipstick you should try to put on or else it’ll start getting vampy, and the contrast is too strong. The opposite goes too, if you have darker skin, don’t go for super light, chalky, pastel colours. You want your lipstick to compliment your skin, not make your lips unmatched to your face. For example, i have a honey-beige skin tone and I tried on a bold, pastel pink, and it looked a hot mess haha.

6.Some sub tips to find lipstick for your skin tone (GENERALLY speaking, so don’t get all on me if you’re the exception that other colours look good on you lol i realize everyone isn’t the same):

  • fair-skinned people look better with orange-toned lipsticks that are fruity, bright, playful, as well as lighter pastel pinks, nudes, and corals, like I said before, dark lips contrast too much for this skin tone;
  • for honey-toned and olive skinned people, you look better with rich, warm reds, purples, and bolder pinks like fuchsia, and can play it up with deeper purples and reds as well, stay away from browns;
  • for dark skinned people, it’s good to wear dark reds, purples, browns, and bronzes, just avoid orange.

7. Don’t make your lips have a battle with your eyes. If you have smokey eyes, heavily drawn on eyebrows, and just dramatized everything up there, don’t put on dark lipstick or it’ll just look like you went to heavy on the makeup. Choose ONE part of your face to accentuate, and make the other neutral. I usually stick to classic winged eyeliner and a nice bold colour on my lips.

That is all i have for you, thank you for checking out my lipstick tips! If you have other tips, please comment below! MWAH!

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