#OOTD: Out for a Stroll

Hey everyone! Thought I’d get a little personal and share one of my favourite things…even though I love the city life, being in an all-natural, earthy setting can make a person’s mood feel a lot more serene. One of my favourite places to go to is the beach. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and I’m not talking about Miami beach, which is hectic, I’m talking those secluded beaches. The ones surrounded by trees, no parking lots or concrete, and still animals wandering around. The place I did this blog shoot is just like that. I hope they never get rid of this provincial park, they did a good job preserving it’s natural beauty. I remember being in high school and during the summer evenings, my friends and I would go there and watch the sun set. SO beautiful!

Anyhoo, here is my next summer maxi and hat outfit! Details at the bottom 🙂 Thanks for checking it out and tell me what you think!

IMG_8819 IMG_8810 IMG_8813 IMG_8814

Outfit from top to bottom:

Hat – Aldo
Striped Crop Top – Garage
Black Maxi Skirt – Simons
Shoes – Aldo
Bracelets – Bebe

Photos by my Mama!

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