Ways to Wear: Slouchy Cardigans for Fall!

CardiganIMG_9267Helloooo September! Yes, I know. We’ve already passed the first week of September, and I’m not just saying that. To be honest, I felt like August wasn’t over yet! I mean, what? Where did summer go? Two days ago I woke up with snow flakes hitting my window!

Anyways, I wanted to suggest a GREAT way to stay warm, while looking effortlessly cute. I’m all about spending money on items that I KNOW I will wear often, have versatility, and stay in style, and today’s item is: slouchy, wool cardigans!

You’ve probably seen them in your favourite clothing store, or in the windows of so many stores at the mall, but seriously, they are inexpensive (usually around $25-$70 a piece, ranging with quality and brand) and are actually so versatile. I have five or six of them, some you will see in the photos below, and when I go to school or work everyday, I just rotate through the colours.

They come in different lengths, thickness, colours, fit, patterns, prices, and they’re also something you’ll keep in your closet for years to come. You can wear this cardigan with leggings, jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, and rompers, and in any pretty much any season. They look best with a simple top underneath, such as solid colours or a pretty basic patterned top. The thickness, colour, or texture of the cardigan should affect your decision for what to wear underneath. You don’t want anything clashing. However, the point of these cardigans is to keep your outfit-choosing time simple and less complicated! 

To show y’all some of my own examples of different types of slouchy cardigans, I took some quick photos of myself wearing a few that I own, all over the same neutral outfit. These photos were taken in Banff, hence the beautiful mountain in the background! Yes, it was last minute, but I just HAD to use the mountain background in my blog somehow! 🙂 Thanks Ma for taking ten minutes to take photos while I ran back and forth to our vehicle to change LOL.

Grey Cardigan

Grey Fitted Cardigan: great for wearing the office during the spring, fall, and winter. Does not look too lounge, but actually put together 🙂 Cardigan found at Dynamite.

Beige Cardigan

Beige Loose-Knit Cardigan: Better for wearing in spring, summer, and fall with some shorts or leggings, or even a sundress. It has a loose-knit texture, making it perfect for warm weather. Cardigan found at Simons.Red CardiganThick Red Lengthy Cardigan: This cardigan looks very lounge, and is almost blanket-light. Great for wearing in the fall and winter, especially with this warm, deep red color. Cardigan found at Dots.

Rest of Outfit:
Basic White Tank – H&M
Leather Coated Leggings – Dynamite
Boots – Timberland

Thank you for checking out my blog! I know, the lighting in the photos kept changing. It was a cloudy day in Banff, and this is my first time using Adobe Photoshop. I figured I should learn this program to provide readers with better quality photos. If you have any tips, please, let me have em! 🙂

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