Why I write in my Journal! [Benefits of “Journaling”]

IMG_0234.JPGHey everyone! I hope you are all doing well today! The sun is up & it’s actually nice out in Edmonton. This past weekend I strolled into Coles, because I always love finding an interesting book to read, or beautiful notebooks, journals, or even gifts I can get for people. I came across this suede, ancient-style, gold and purple journal and just HAD to have it. I felt it looked unique, and I’ve always wanted a leather journal.

Anyways, what most people don’t know about me is that I journal (if that’s not a verb, it is now!). My whole life from when I was in second or third grade, when my parents got me a Little Mermaid journal (it was so cute), was when I started. I write my life basically day-to-day, as well as write my thoughts on things from the past (reflecting on past significant experiences), how I feel about things in my present, and my goals and dreams for my future. I try to write daily, and sometimes if I have a lot going through my mind, I’ll write more than that. I feel journals should definitely be kept secret, because it’s supposed to be a place of your own, where you can let your mind out without being judged or persuaded into thinking something else.

Sometimes, if I have a lot of things to write down, to organize an entry more, I’ll write things under four categories:

  • Life (how I feel, day-to-day living, any good food recipes, etc.)
  • Love (relationships, family, God, emotions, etc.)
  • Goals (career, goals, ambitions, ideas, work life, etc.)
  • Friends (plans with friends, who’s been great, anything I want to change, any people I feel are bringing negativity, etc.).

As someone that loves writing, I find writing in a journal therapeutic, whether I’m having a good or bad day. It also brings me to a sense of completeness at the end of the day. It’s partially why I got into blogging, because I love communicating info and thoughts that go through my mind. For those that are curious about starting a journal, I put together a list of what I feel are the benefits of journaling. I think it’s a great habit to form, and these are the reasons why:

  1. Creates self-awareness.
  2. Keeps memories of past times more detailed.
  3. Gives you the ability to look back and read what was going through your head on a certain day.
  4. Also, allows you to look back and not repeat mistakes.
  5. Great for brainstorming ideas.
  6. Track personal progress whether it’s your career-life, fitness, relationship, etc.
  7. Can write down a list of what your are thankful for, keeps you focussed on the important things in life.
  8. Write down a list of goals, even secret ones you want nobody to know about.
  9. Remember special events and moments in life more vividly.
  10. Keeps accountability.
  11. Improves your writing skills.
  12. You can ask yourself deep, personal questions and figure out the answers you want.

Thank you for checking out my latest post! Have a great week and happy journaling! 🙂

Also, I’m now on BlogLovin’! Follow my blog with Bloglovin 🙂

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