Reader’s Question: What Motivates [Me]?

ashleyHey everyone! A while ago I asked my followers and friends on social media to send in some questions or requests that they’d like to see on the blog. One was this: What motivates you? At first I was trying to figure out what I should talk about is my motivation to do a specific thing, but I realized all things require motivation, and if you’re like me, most of the things I do are tied in together somehow. So this will be about what motivates me in life. Things in my life that require motivating include anything from getting a fulfilling career, continuing to learn, school, continuing to workout and be fit, relationships, blogging, working, staying organized, and pretty much everything that requires effort and dedication in order to do well.

I have created a well thought out list of seven different things that keep me motivated to do the things I love, whether they require hard work or not. Here we go…

1. Goals ALL Over
write down my goals, see my goals in visuals, say them repeatedly to myself, and imagine the feeling of reaching them. That feeling and reminding yourself of why you started doing something in the first place is a great motivator. When you forget why you are doing something, which I have before, you start to just get into a routine where you stop become innovative, and start doing the same things everyday. You start getting sucked into a mediocre lifestyle that is neither fulfilling nor disappointing. That type of life ERKS me. One that requires no more effort, or faces zero challenges…I can’t live like that, and having my goals being in my face really helps me stay focussed.
2. Family
I know not everyone has this, but I feel blessed to have a family that truly supports my decisions, as well as helps by trying to give me feedback about where I am in life and how I should approach my future. I am young, and my parents are just feeding me some wisdom because of the 40 years longer they have spent on this earth, so I respect that. They are in no way pushing me to live my life in their way, but their concern really motivates me to do something that will make them proud. On a side note, being from a Filipino background, we truly value having a successful life and an education, so that we can care for our family as well as our parents in the future.
3. Money
I’m NOT going to lie. Of course money is a motivator. It’s not the main motivator of course, or I’d be a power engineer, or some other six-figure career that I didn’t care about, but it does feel good to get paid for doing what you love. I love blogging, and marketing, and my goal is to make this an actual, valuable career. Right now I’m gaining experience as a marketing coordinator in a job that only pays okay, but I know from experience that companies always choose somebody with experience over just an education. And if working my ass off at two jobs while going to school full-time will help me live my lifestyle while gaining experience because it means a higher paid, higher quality life future, then yes, I will continue doing this. So yes, money is a motivator.
4. Independence
Independence is different from money. Money is money, but independence is the confidence and ability to have a career that supports a desired lifestyle with no help from anyone else. To me the satisfaction of independence is a big motivator, especially with currently being a university student borrowing money from my parents. It is important to me to have a career, because as women, we need to have something for ourselves rather than not working as hard anymore just because we get “wifed up.” I’m not saying relationships don’t work, they do, but if it doesn’t work out, and you have the ability to be independent, you will be okay!
5. Friends and Surrounding People
Surround yourself with people aiming towards similar goals, this will help you also stay motivated and focussed, as well as have some great conversations that will help you think more. Personally, I love having a circle of friends all aiming towards goals, and having ambitions. I remember I used to be friends with a few people that were happy with where they were, and had no ambitions to leave their town, or get a better career than the first one they had straight out of high school. There is nothing wrong with this, but hanging out with them was not for me. I mean, it gives off a negative vibe towards someone that has bigger goals to achieve, and it’s just so much better and much more motivating to find people that are on the same page as you, this goes for anyone, for example: if you’re a mom, chances are you’ll want to hang out with other moms because you relate to each other.
6. Thinking of the Alternative (and it’s not as good)
Ever think about what will you do if you can’t achieve the career or life you want? Yeah, it’s probably no where near as good as what you’ve been working towards and planning for in all your time. Another good motivator is to think about how much you don’t want to live your “Plan B” because it’ll feel like you’re settling.
7. Exercise and Health
This one is not really a motivator, because you will need motivation to do this also, but being active and fit, and eating healthy is a great way to stay positive. What you put into your body really helps you stay focussed, awake, and alert, which are all things you should be when you want to stay on track. Trust me, it’s not that hard to get active, and if you think so, just gradually get into a workout routine. You’ll feel great after the first week.

Thank you all for reading this long post! I appreciate getting questions and post requests, and you can send me them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even comment below! Remember, YOU are in control of your future.

Photo by Bobby T.

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