No Spend November!


Hello everyone! Okay, so this past September and October I have been spending an unnecessary amount of money. It’s like I think I’m Kim Kardashian and socializing IS LIFE…but no, it’s not haha. I don’t know if it’s because this is my last semester and I’m trying to enjoy it to the fullest by eating at restaurants all the time and going out often, but it has to stop– okay, not totally stop, but for November. In my first two or three years of university and on my own, I literally NEVER ate fast food or at restaurants. I also went to clubs like once a month. I was SO good at saving money. Wahhhh. No lie. I should be saving up to pay back the acquired costs of university and living. I would also like to buy some really good Christmas presents this year! So, to solve this problem, I will be doing No Spend November to hopefully lead into good habits that will carry on to December and 2015. I got the No Spend November idea from my coworker and thought it was great. I just need to go back to my old ways mannnnn.

Below is a list to myself of things I will be cutting down on, or cutting out completely starting today, Monday, November 3rd, 2014. Yes, reading it will sound like I’m talking to myself, and some sections I’m being mean, but I have to listen! I don’t actually have many problems, basically just food and buying shoes and clothes sporadically, so this list will be very short. I’m publishing this on my blog so that I can see it, the world can see it, and that’ll hopefully help me not want to sound like a challenge quitter! Here we go:

  1. Eating at restaurants…I’m not really into fast food, but I love restaurants! So, the goal is to only go eat at a restaurant ONCE a month. Yes, no more appetizers dates with the girls before going out…no more school project meetings at restaurants…no more! Note to self: Bring your own food to school/work or eat BEFORE hanging out with friends.
  2. Grabbing a quick drink…No, this isn’t mainly alcoholic drinks, but I’m pretty guilty for stopping by Tim Horton’s, Second Cup, Starbucks, Booster Juice, or getting some bubble tea whenever I want. I also tend to go get a quick caesar with friends on the way home and it’s really not worth the $7-$14! It’s a perk being surrounded by so many choices of beverage places, but it’s also a curse! Note to self: Bring a full water bottle, travel mug or flask before leaving the house. Just kidding about the flask though!
  3. Shopping for unnecessary things… I tend to see things online that I feel I can make a really cool outfit with and then end up looking for stores in my area that have that item, and go buy it! Yes, I do look for the best prices, but still. Ashley, you know what this means…no more new shoes, boots, jewelry, clothes, hats…just stop. Don’t even go to the store with money. Tip: Only buy something that you need to replace, if it’s something you REALLY need to get (like you have nothing under a specific dress code, ie. work clothes, event dress code), or if it’s on sale.
  4. Using gas…I’m pretty good with having my car, I don’t drive it usually outside of work purposes, but I’ll give myself this one anyways: Don’t START driving to places that that you can bus or walk to. ANTWON (name of my beautiful car) is going to eat your hard earned money if you get into this habit!! He’s a gold digger. Tip: Take turns carpooling with friends, walk if it only takes 10-15 minutes on foot, and since you have a bus pass from school, USE IT!

So there you have it. Yes, as you see my main problems are food, drinks, and random shopping… basically the most basic money problems of people. If you want to join me on this challenge, do it! Let me know, and we can stop each other from spending! 🙂

  Photos by Lindsay Thompson Photography.

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