Hair Tutorial: Big Cornrows + No-Heat Waves For Days!

IMG_0312.JPGHello everyone! One of my favourite no-heat hairstyles is just simple, wavy hair! I don’t like how regular braids just get the lower half of the hair wavy, so I do big cornrows all around my head to get the waves started from the roots! You can also do french braids instead of cornrows, but I prefer the texture the cornrows gives the waves!

In the first photo, I cornrowed all my hair, dry, with 6 rows and then sprayed it with water. I don’t like to do it while my hair is wet because it’s too thick to dry by morning. The braiding portion on my hair only takes about fifteen minutes. After you spray it with water, go to bed and wake up with beautiful waves!

Fun fact: I’ve been obsessed with hairstyling from a very young age (only as a hobby though), I taught myself how to cornrow on one of those big Barbie heads for doing hair when I was around 9 or 10 years old right after I first saw them on R. Kelly on an awards show. I also did my hair in small cornrows like Alicia Keys when I was obsessed with her in jr. high and high school! The technique is easy to learn with practice. The hair sections in this tutorial are large so it’s even easier. You can find many video tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn how to do cornrows.IMG_0332.JPGIn the second photo is how the waves look like the next morning. I brushed out the top a little to give it a gradual loose to tight waves kind of look. It creates volume and texture, and needs NO heat or damaging backcombing.

P.S. This is a French braid in the photo below. As you see the braid is inside the pattern, not on the outside, like a cornrow. blogger-image--1548928018

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