My First Short Film!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a lovely day! About a year ago my friend James Black, who I’ve previously worked with as a videographer, wrote a thriller short film and asked me to play a role in it. I’m always down to try new creative things, so of course I said yes and would give acting a shot. The cinematography was done by Lucas Boutilier, who I’ve known for about a year now also. He’s a super dope photographer and videographer!


Photo by Lucas Boutilier.

My co-actors Rae Mackechnie and James Black. Together we played a dangerously-involved love triangle and it was awesome. I played a psycho ex-marine bisexual that wasn’t afraid to kill if I had to. Haha…it sounds crazy…right? Anyways, acting serious and threatening was hard for me! I’m a pretty friendly and goofy person, so to put on a serious face (which is easier in a photo than a video), took a lot of work. James and Lucas were giving me acting advice while we rehearsed and filmed, so hearing their perspective really helped. We filmed during the freezing Edmonton winter season for most of the it, and that did not help me look fierce, but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Hopefully I can give acting another try in the future…maybe for a more comedic role!

Anyways, this past Monday, the film was released! Check it out below and tell me what you think! Also check out and subscribe to James’ YouTube channel by clicking here! Thanks 🙂

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