Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

IMG_2989Hey everyone! This past Tuesday, Dapo (aka Lord Ski Photography) and I decided to take advantage of the freshly fallen snow and have a winter photo shoot. His friend Frank came along as his assistant. We took a few photos on the very top of a parkade that overlooked Edmonton’s beautiful downtown skyline, but we were shortly kicked off by a security guard…really though?! That didn’t stop us from getting nice shots at the City Hall, The Art Gallery of Alberta, and a park downtown. It as fun, I wouldn’t have spent the afternoon any other way…other than switching the temperature from -14C to +14C!

We also did something different this time… an outfit video! Shot and edited by Lord Ski Photography.

The look is a modern-chic office type of outfit that can also be worn in semi-casual settings. I used Olivia Pope from Scandal as an inspiration when I was putting the look together! She is definitely the reason I chose the coat with an oversized collar and the ruffled chiffon blouse. This outfit can be worn to work, at a meeting, networking events, out to dinner with colleagues or friends, or even on a date night during the fall/winter season! The pants can be switched to a black pencil skirt and floral pantyhose for a slightly more formal look, which is shown below. I would recommend some flatter shoes to wear in the snow because I nearly fell on my face at least 20 times, but if you won’t be walking on snow, wear heels! I love wearing black and white because it feels very crisp and classic. Outfit details at the bottom of this post!

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IMG_2997 IMG_3016 IMG_3018 IMG_3045 IMG_3087 IMG_3098 IMG_3111 IMG_3139 IMG_3146 IMG_3153 IMG_3176 IMG_3188

Myself & Dapo pretending to not be cold 🙂


Frank & I coolin’Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.20.36 AM

Outfit Details:
Wool Floppy Hat – H&M
Ruffled Blouse – H&M
Leather Pants – Dynamite
Black Pencil Skirt – Dynamite
Floral Pantyhose – Aldo
Coat –  Guess
Ankle Boots – Forever 21
Large “New York” Purse – Aldo
Pearl Necklace – Made myself
Watch – Michael Kors

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