#YEGSpotlight: Crush and Co.

Happy Thursday everyone! Wooh, today I thought I’d spotlight one of my favorite boutique/boutique owners, it is a boutique on the west side of Edmonton called Crush & Co.! Yes, I’ve collaborated with them a few times already and just love the team as well as their clothing and makeup artistry! If you didn’t know, my makeup is always done by Nina in any Crush & Co. feature, she seriously does an amazing job everytime! Check out some of my day hanging out at Crush & Co.!

Crush & Co. is owned by the lovely Nina Nguyen who started the store with just a makeup station and had no idea that the rest of it would turn it into a clothing boutique. Nina’s journey to where she is now is a great story if you ever stop by and ask her (which I suggest you do!). She didn’t know she was going to be into makeup until she started at MAC, and seven plus years later, she’s still doing it! The store used to be her mother’s bridal boutique that Nina was not interested to have as her own business, so all bridal is now on the upper level of Crush & Co. Nina always had a love for fashion however, and was always a hustler! When she was younger she’d sell her clothes out of the back of her car and her friend’s kept asking for MORE because they loved her style. It was this realization that she decided, with personal touches, selling clothing (in addition to doing makeup) would be the perfect plan. And I’d definitely have to agree…IMG_2192

Nina emphasizes that Crush & Co. has a very “at home” atmosphere, which is very true. Not only does her staff make you feel very welcomed (seriously, they’re all so easy to talk to), there is also couches! Yes! Men, you can sit and let your woman run free in this boutique! LOL. Crush & Co. has big things coming for 2015. It will soon be an exclusively women’s clothing store, so ladies, come in, get styled, get your face done, get a whole outfit from top to toes, and be on your way!

IMG_2207Of course, I had to ask Nina for her advice on anyone that wanted to start their own business one day, and she definitely passed on a ton of wisdom:

“Owning your own business is one of the toughest, yet ballsy things to do. I would suggest doing research and making sure you’re 200% ready to put in the investment, sweat, tears, and passion into it. The challenges that you face every single day nobody else will see or experience, unless they themselves own a business. Passion is the biggest drive for any business owner. You have to love what you do so much to be able to do it 24hrs a day (if needed) and 7 days a week, without it beginning to feel like a job. When you can do all those things and be ready to sacrifice everything you’ve got to keep it going, you’re on the right path!”

Thank you Nina and Crush & Co. for being in my #YEGSpotlight! I truly love y’all!

Photos & video by Lord Ski Photography.

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