#WCFW – Nyoluoch Designs on the Spring 2015 Runway!

16337333083_945e461456_oHappy Monday everyone! Right now in Edmonton it is currently Western Canada Fashion Week. I used to walk in it regularly a couple years ago when I was about the Freelance Model life, but haven’t done it in a while…until this past Friday! Yes, a few days ago I walked down the runway for Nyoluoch Designs by Julia Otieno. Nyoluoch Designs is a Canadian clothing line based in Calgary, AB. I love her designs, they are classy and sophisticated, yet still fitted and sexy! Very fun to wear.

Our makeup was done by Marla and she is a dope make up artist! Below are a few of my favorite photos from the Nyoluoch showcase, check them out! You can find more photos here. I’ll also be adding my own very soon!! Stay tuned.16764840318_8b0fd1099d_o 16765047530_55f83f9069_o 16765049220_efaa55b03c_o 16926584176_23265d8be1_o 16951205112_b3a95b0ebe_o

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