Captured Emotions [with Ampersand Grey Photography!]

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen my latest posts with photos from Michel Austin at Ampersand Grey Wedding Photography. She’s based here in Edmonton! I chose these three photos for this post because I felt like even though they are all in black and white, they each still portray a different emotion, hence, captured emotions. I love the last one because it looks really artsy. These photos were taken at Michel’s studio, which looks like a very cool loft. She was a BLAST to work with and we tried out so many different shots, I loved it! There are still many more I haven’t posted, so stay tuned for those! 🙂 If you haven’t seen the ones on the last post, click here! Thank you for checking out my blog!AmpersandGrey005_WEB AmpersandGrey032_WEB AmpersandGrey061_WEB


One thought on “Captured Emotions [with Ampersand Grey Photography!]

  1. love these three images. thanks so much for sharing them! You are a pleasure to work with! lets do it again some time!

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