Why I Love Women of Comedy!

Hey everyone! Hope you are having an awesome Tuesday! If you know me, you know I love love love watching comedies! You can probably also tell from my photo above that I enjoy reading books by comedians. Side note, these are not my only favorite comedians, just the ones I own books of! These books are funny and also great because you get to learn about each of these women’s lives and what it took for them to be successful. Some of my fave ladies of comedy include: Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Regina Hall, Amy Schumer (she’s growing on me), Ellen, Wanda Sykes, Melissa McCarthy, Chelsea Peretti, Maya Rudolph, and a few more!

I’ve recently been thinking about what we watch on TV and how it affects us. Yes, most TV shows are watched to relax and “escape” from our busy, everyday lives, but what if you could watch something that wasn’t all about the drama or shock value

and also benefited you? It’s been proven that watching shows that make us laugh help ourselves stay positive and happy. This is why I love comedies!

First off, I think it takes a lot of courage and confidence to be a comedian, male or female. I mean, you’re writing jokes that have to be original, then you need the perfect delivery and timing, and if you do standup, which is how they all start, you have to stand by yourself and be the reason a room of hundreds or thousands of people are laughing. Does that not sound stressful?! It’s amazing that they always look confident.

This is part of the reason I feel many comedians, especially female ones, which is who I’m focusing on in this post (girl power!), are excellent inspirations for any women out there in the industry of creativity (ex. writing, music, designing, jewelry, clothing, anything involving creating and sharing with people). It’s quite unexpected, because everyone else that I find inspirational has something to do with acts of philanthropy, or are a doctor, or something tear-jerking and heartwarming, but yes, I do find women of comedy inspiring as well! Another side note: I hope to one day become friends with a successful comedian! They probably have the best stories.

Anyways, they are inspiring because they push through the extra barrier there is to gaining the respect of fellow comedians and audiences due to the unfortunate stereotype that “women aren’t as funny as men.” These women show creativity, talent, and discipline by writing jokes, scripts, even entire shows that cannot be recreated by anyone. They’ve figured out how to make people laugh over and over and over. They get rejected repeatedly at the start of their career and never give up.


If anything, comedians are mainly known for things they’ve written, whether we knew they wrote it or not. They’re known for their type of humor and personality. Actually, many comedians joke about how they had to choose to have a great personality, “since their looks were never going to get any better” (from Amy Poehler’s Yes Please).

Comedians go through: creating something, failing, learning, trying again, failing, gaining traction, fail, learn more, gain more traction, fail less, land a great gig, success, fail a little, learn, success, and so on. Sound familiar? My point today is that nothing great comes without hardwork and obstacles, and knowing that shouldn’t stop you (cliché, I know).

In all seriousness, no respectable woman wants to just be known for a “pretty face.” The usefulness of that always has an expiry date and can only take you so far, even successful fashion models need plans for when they retire! Push yourself to do what may seem at first impossible! Make your dreams come true. Have some laughs and make your day better! The end.

Let me know who you find motivational, that most people wouldn’t, in the comments below! For any suggestions in books to read, put them in the comment section also! Thanks for checking out this post! Have a great day! 🙂

Yours truly,

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