#ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Valley Zoo!


Hello there! Happy Thursday! Exactly a week ago today, August 20th, was the #ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Above is a photo of us before the show started.

When I was invited to this event I was SO excited because: 1) I haven’t been to the Valley Zoo since I was a kid (I didn’t even remember what it looked like) and 2) the runway showcased fashion and ANIMALS. Yes, zookeepers walked animals down the runway!

The show was put together by the Ark Project and its purpose was to bring together young Edmontonians to see the awesome changes at the zoo, raise awareness and support the zebras (hence the black and white dress code), and educate attendees about conservation and revitalization — which I’m definitely in support of!

Rosie the Serval Cat (my favorite)

Out of all the fashion shows I’ve attended or participated in here in Edmonton, this one was definitely my favourite, so far. It was so unique because it was held outdoors, the animals, and most of the designers created with consideration to the environment. The crowd it brought together was also very young, stylish, and definitely a bunch of new faces. This show was great for not just fashion lovers, but also animal lovers!

imageA really cool owl

Lucy the elephant was the “special guest” at the very end of the night. I didn’t get a photo of her because it was dark and I didn’t want to use flash and freak her out…ya never know! These wild animals are probably stressed out or anxious that they have to walk alone in front of all us humans, imagine if they decided to run!? Anyways, none of them did, and all in all, it was a great night!


Designers included Apollo Originals, Suka Clothing, and New Classics Studio. My outfit details are below! Have a great weekend (hey, it’s almost Friday)!

Outfit details:
White Dress – H&M
Royal Blue Clutch – Aldo
Beige Cutout Heels – Aldo
Statement Necklace – Melanie Lyne

3 thoughts on “#ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Valley Zoo!

  1. Hi lovely! Loving your style!! Nominated you for the Liebster Award since I love your posts. Check out my latest blog post for details on what to do!

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