#OOTD: Truth or Darling?

Edit1Hey everyone! Happy September! Yes, fall is right around the corner and I’m partially excited (because wool sweaters, Timberlands, and scarves) and partially not ready because I don’t want to let go of summer yet! It’s been a busy but amazing summer: I graduated uni, moved, travelled, watched my a best friend get married, met so many new people, and I’ve got one more big trip to end the summer off with a bang! 🙂 Edit2
Anyways, I’m posting this outfit today because it’s still summery enough outside to wear something like it. It’s a very bright and feminine outfit, especially the midi skirt, the statement piece, which has a unique length to it. When I think of this skirt, I think of a tea party, because it just has a girly “proper” vibe to it. Ya know?

You can find it at J. Lea Fashion House under the name “Milena Skirt.” It’s by Darling Clothes, and oh! That’s another word to describe the skirt, haha, it’s very “darling.” The rest of the outfit details can be found at the bottom! Have a lovely day! Edit3P.S. Random question that Google seems to be indecisive about: where did the “don’t wear white after labor day” rule come from? I don’t really think it’s relevant, and to be honest, I personally feel white shouldn’t be worn until after snow falls, because you just blend in with the ground haha.Edit4Outfit Details:
Creme Crop Top – Dynamite
Darling Clothes Milena Skirt – J. Lea Fashion House
Beige Heels – Aldo
Watch – Michael Kors
Lauren Wallet – J. Lea Fashion House

Photos taken by Mama!

6 thoughts on “#OOTD: Truth or Darling?

  1. Cool. Well, I don’t have trouble flirting or charming a woman, it’s just finding someones who’s real chill, but not ratchet. Someone who’s down-to-earth and can keep up a good conversation that can make me feel good and vice versa.

    It would help if you add some information about some upcoming Tastemakers Edmonton events because they interest me.


    1. Lol “but not ratchet” i think you described the kind of person everyone wants! And I’m no longer associated with Tastemakers, they downsized and now do events seldomly, I recommend following them on IG for that info! Anyways, take care!

    1. I was definitely never going to say Tinder or anything online, I don’t believe in meeting people that way, but it works for some, I guess. Try something old fashioned…like through friends, attend events that interest you, meet some at school or work. Shoot, if you see a cashier you like at a clothing store, talk to her! I have a cousin that met his wife on public transportation! Meeting someone on the bus is iffy though lol. Point is, the best people are found when it’s natural!! I think I’m going to write a post in this because I have a lot to say…thanks for the idea!

  2. Damn! Your man is lucky to have you. I wish I was black because it seems they’ve taken all of the finest women in YEG.

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