#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re Thanksgiving was delicious! I definitely enjoyed mine. 🙂 The outfit below can be worn to work at the office, shopping, going to the movies, and just about that lets you wear a purse and heeled boots! The outfit is from J. Lea Fashion House from top to bottom, and her store is now open, so go check it out!DSC_3406I don’t know about you, but I usually stick to solid colours… I just feel most comfortable in solids. This post is about how to wear multiple “statement” pieces. Listen to the details of this outfit: a rasberry houndstooth tweed blazer, white chiffon blouse with a black, leather collar, navy blue jeans, and deep green suede boots, oh, not to mention a black floral textured tote purse. Yes, that combination is a mouthful, and maybe before looking at the photos, it’d be very hard to imagine as a successful outfit, but it actually turned out to be one. Some would say the blazer is the focus of the outfit…some would say it’s the green boots, and many would say that no, those shouldn’t be mixed together. Maybe one with something more neutral…DSC_3403 The trick is subtleness. In this outfit, I’m not mixing and matching crazy patterns and textures. They are all actually similar in tone. The cropped blazer has black undertones, giving it a deep purple kind of colour that compliments the dark green boots. The tote, while it has a noticeable textured pattern, is all black, allowing it to exist in the outfit without challenging any other pieces. The simple blouse and jeans act like a blank canvas (Having outfit block? Here’s a tip: a white blouse and blue jeans are a great way to start off any outfit, just gradually add accessories, jackets, bags,shoes, etc. until you find the best combination. Style doesn’t have to be statement pants!). Full outfit details below.DSC_3400DSC_3388DSC_3387Outfit Details:
Darling Floral Tote Purse – J. Lea Fashion House
Tweed Crop Blazer – J. Lea Fashion House
Jeans – J. Lea Fashion House
Green Knee-high Suede Boots – J. Lea Fashion House
White Chiffon Blouse with Leather Detail – J. Lea Fashion House

Photos by Brooklyn Marie Photography.

3 thoughts on “#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)

  1. beautiful look! I love the detailing on your blazer ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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