simons trench coat

#OOTD: Trench’d in Black

simons trench coatHey everyone! Yes….it has LITERALLY been a month since I last blogged. It is SO not like me to do that, however, I’ve been working on a lifelong dream of mine, it’s still SO far from where I want it to be, but follow @JewelSofiaDesign on Instagram if you want to see what’s up with it so far. Anyways, if you’ve been keeping up with me on IG, you probably have noticed my slight obsession with this trench coat.I’ve been wearing it non-stop….not just because I love how it looks, but it is the comfiest thing in the world. I feel like I’m wrapped up in a blanket with arms(…snuggie??) but still look “put together” when I’m out and about. Ever have that problem when you have a gorgeous outfit on and you DON’T have anything but an over-casual giant winter parka because it’s “the only jacket you have” LOL…That was my problem. That’s the magic of a trench coat…they never go out of style and for fall, winter, AND spring, look great over just about ANY outfit for work, going out, going shopping, on a date, anything (minus some baggy sweat pants lol). I recommend to own one of these in a neutral color (tan, beige, black, or grey) and in a felt/wool material if you live in a cool-temperatured city like myself.

simons trench coat  If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, trench coats depending on brand and quality come in any price range. They cost anywhere between $70-$200 (Le Chateau, Zara, or H&M), $300-$600 (medium end brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors), to even $700 to thousands of dollars (high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, etc.).

*Extra tip: if you like something in the $300 range but can’t really afford it, WAIT ’til the end of the season…it’ll be at 30-60% off two to three months after it comes out, just make sure you find a place that hasn’t sold out in your size.

Thanks for checking out my blog… Outfit details at the bottom 🙂 ! Have a lovely day, and I will be posting again very soon!

simons trench coat

Outfit details:
Trench Coat – Simons
Black Crop Top – Dynamite
Leather Pants – Dynamite
Gold + Navy Bradshaw Watch – Michael Kors
Body Chain – Jewel Sofia
Black Gold-studded Pumps – Aldo

*Photos by Andrea Willson.

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