#OOTD: Suede, Leather, and Faux Fur


Hello 2016! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, each day is a new chance to start any positive changes in your life. Here is my first #OOTD post of 2016. What’s the point of #OOTD posts you ask? Welp, I used to wonder that too. Before I figured out my own style and how to make my own outfits, I’d look at other peoples’ #OOTD photos and I’d realize, “wait, I have similar items to this…why didn’t I think of this outfit?”Long story short, they are to give ideas or inspiration to anyone that has a bunch of great clothing items, but can’t figure out how to put them together. People always think that to have greatstyle you need to buy a whole NEW wardrobe…this is not always the case. It can simply just be a rearrangement of how you wear what you have that can freshen up your look. It’s also important to have items that can be mixed into twenty other outfits and to really get your moneys worth!redshoes2

My outfit today is pretty self-explanatory…all black with a pop of color. It’s more than that though, it is also a mixture of textures.

We got a faux fur vest, leather leggings, a bright suede clutch, and suede shoes. All this texture isn’t distracting or overwhelming because majority of the outfit is black and the two bright items are both suede and red, it let’s them pop while the others act as a neutral background. Many would think that a big fur vest would be the statement piece, but no, as you can tell it blends in great! Like I said in a previous post, you can have more than one interesting item in your outfit, as long as their is only ONE area of focus that is focused on, for this outfit, it’s the red color of the the clutch and shoes…and my matching red lipstick! Full outfit details at the bottom!redshoes4redshoes5redshoes6redshoes7

Outfit Details:
Black Faux Fur Vest – Online from a few years ago, can be found at many stores and boutiques
Black Crop-Top Sweater – J. Lea Fashion House
Black Leather Leggings – Dynamite
Cut-out Red Suede Heels – Aldo
Red and Blue Suede Clutch – Aldo
Gold and Blue Bradshaw Watch – Michael Korsredshoes3

Photos by my dad! Thanks Pops! 

5 thoughts on “#OOTD: Suede, Leather, and Faux Fur

  1. The accessories and your shoes accentuate your leggings which is what I noticed to begin with, but the whole outfit is on point.

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