International Women’s Day!


Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today is March 8th, 2016 and I am proud to spread the word about this day. I am a woman who aspires to establish a career I can be proud of, educate myself as much as I can on topics that not only affect me but the world, and surround myself with other strong, respectful, loving, ambitious, and compassionate women. I am proud of the achievements my fellow sisters around the world, from the past and present, have made; as well as the achievements we will make in the future. Whether it’s economic, social, political, big or small, we must keep moving forward. Everyday I’m amazed by women I hear about that take huge risks, whether it’s their life, job, or freedom, it’s amazing.

I used the photos from my university graduation because I felt like that was one of my first official, of hopefully very many, career-related accomplishments in life. It’s something I committed to and stuck with. It’s a degree I chose to be committed to using for all of my future working life and convocation marked day one of a new chapter. Graduation marked the day I start working towards the goal of making the best future for myself; getting the degree was just preparation, learning how to go about that goal, and deciding what career path I should take. Of course, during this journey is where I met many people, many accomplished women, who shaped my decisions through listening to their stories and advice.


I’m proud of the women in my life. My mom, who’s given me an amazing example of self-motivation, intelligence, strength, and love. My friends from my childhood and from now, who are from a variety of backgrounds  and have chosen very different educations and career aspirations, yet we all support each other. The women I’ve met throughout my life that I’m not close with but have worked with, collaborated with, exchanged knowledge with, and have unknowingly helped guide me to where I am and where I want to be. The women I’ve never met but read about and aspire to be.


Women are truly a force to be reckoned with, especially if we can all stick together, and especially with the women around you. It starts small and grows, it’s the only way we as women can make a strong foundation for ourselves. So, if you see a friend trying to start a new organization, see what you can do. If you see a Facebook status asking if there are any women out there looking for a new hairstylist because they recently graduated hair school and need to build their clientele, recommend your friends to them. You never know, one day you, a woman, may start something new and those women you were kind and supportive to will return the favor. There’s really nothing to lose in being a woman who believes in sisterhood. This is just a brief blog post, I could really speak on the topic of women and feminism and everything it entails for pages and pages and pages, but I just wanted to acknowledge the day as one that should be celebrated. Don’t spread female on female hate, just keep on hustlin’ girl! Be with women that empower, support, and care.

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