#OOTD: My Dad’s Bday!

march 25, 2016
Hi there! Happy Monday funday! Hope you had a lovely Easter long weekend with friends and family; whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s always great to use holidays to be with people that matter.

Last Friday, my family celebrated my dad’s birthday (love you Pops!). We went to an Edmonton buffet spot that opened a couple weeks ago called Plates and it was good. It’s supposed to be an “international” buffet and have items from various cultures. It was missing some I would have loved (Indian, Filipino, some more Italian choices) but there was a vast selection. They even had Dim Sum and Tom Yum soup… oops — being Asian myself, I might be a little biased about liking this restaurant because of their selection of Asian food haha. Many of you don’t know this because my blog is focused on style and advice, but I’m a major foodie… not the type of foodie that shares every meal I eat on social media, but the type that will talk about food for a good two hours to whoever! I also take restaurant suggestions very seriously… if you tell me there is a dope restaurant somewhere, I will remember the name of it until I go to it and try it out for myself!

Anyways, got a little off topic, this is the outfit I wore to my Dad’s bday brunch, it was a sunny and beautiful day in YEG, perfect for some ripped jeans and a short-sleeved blouse. I have so many items in my closet that are this olive kind of color, I love it almost as much as I love burgundy. Pardon the dirt on my right leg and my dusty boots… we had a flat tire and I helped change it. That’s life! I also did my hair in a sock bun, which you can watch me show you how to do it by clicking on my tutorial here! Outfit details, as always, are below! Have a great week! march 25, 2016 4march 25, 2016 3march 25, 2016 2
Outfit Details:
Olive Green Tunic – Dynamite
High-waisted Ripped Jeans – Store on longer in business but you can probably find some at Fashion Nova, Garage, Forever 21, Simons, or any store that is “trendy”
Matte Black Leather Booties – Aldo
Earrings – Aldo
Coral Watch – Michael Kors
Burgundy Clutch – Aldo

Thanks Ma, for snapping some pics of me using this beautiful Red Lobster burgundy wall haha!

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