#YEGShow: Touching the Void

Hey everyone! Apologies to my readers for my overly extended hiatus. This past month has been full of markets my jewelry company, Jewel Sofia, has been participating in, and I’ve been working on orders, new designs, and yeah…it’s no excuse, so I’m trying to get back to my regular posting schedule. Sorry to everyone asking me about this event post also, this post is long overdue!

I don’t know if you remember, but last November, Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees (Cannibal Kings) organized Edmonton’s first #YEGShow. Well they did another amazing event, Touching the Void. It was an art gallery and market featuring some amazing local and underground artists. Their pieces of art were really beautiful! You might recognize some of the work from artists I’ve mentioned in the first #YEGShow post! The event was on Saturday, May 28th at the Harcourt House in downtown Edmonton. I didn’t get photos of all the art, my camera was not cooperating with the lighting, especially with less vibrant paintings, but I still got photos of my most favorite pieces below!


Allan Thomas painted the two paintings above. He had a couple others on showcase and was my absolute favorite artist at the gallery. I mean look at the paintings… the details, dimensions, use of shadows…it made it look like you could almost see into the buildings as if they were super high def photos. Just amazing. See a mini video of him here.


This piece is by tattoo artist and artists of many things, Jamie Law. You might have recognized him from my previous #YEGShow post. He had furniture covered in vulgar words written artistically. This piece says “Labia.” Yes. Labia lol. I love his work as well. See a video of him here.

Look at this photo. It’s like an extreme and amazing version of Medusa. These colorful and vibrant pieces are by Nathan Panousis. So beautiful. See a video of him here.

Nathan (artist) and Jim Duggin in intense conversation, probably about art haha.

Other artists at Touching the Void include: Dave Thomas, Imagniac, Spencer Smith, and Patrick Ennis.

Make sure to follow up with YEGShow to find out when their next dope event is!

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