#IYGAReviews: Tartelette Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hey! What’s up? I hope you’re having an amazing morning, afternoon, night, whatever time it is! I have, yes, another review here for you today. There are tons and tons of reviews on the Internet, but I only trust reviews from certain people, so maybe you’ll trust me! When it comes to makeup I only listen to a few YouTubers opinions and more importantly, my makeup-savvy friends. They are people I know and are the least likely to get monetary compensation for telling me their opinions on makeup, so I trust it’s not biased.

1.jpgMy birthday passed just over three weeks ago and I received an email from Tarte about a birthday discount. It’s 20% which I thought was great because now I can get the Tartelette palette for cheaper than at Sephora.

Price Point

It’s $54 CAD regular price at both Sephora and on the Tarte website, and with the 20% birthday deal it became $43.20 CAD with free shipping, so yes…great deal! (Note: I was a little annoyed that literally a week later, Tarte had their Friends and Family discount released (a whole 30% off!!) and I already made my purchase, but what can ya do!?) My mom actually bought the original Tartelette palette with all matte shadows with my discount as well, so I have both of them to show you today. I tweeted about it when I got them because I was so excited! First I’ll talk about palettes from Tarte in general, then get into the individual palettes.

Tartelette Palettes Review 

Honestly, these eyeshadows are amazing. Better, in my opinion, for neutral shadows than any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The Tartelette palettes, both versions, are very pigmented and feel like butter when being applied. I found with the Naked palettes, a few shades weren’t as pigmented and felt a little harder to get out of the pan and onto the brush. These are very easily blendable and many of the shades look great even on their own when you just want a quick look in the morning with minimal work. I love how they are mainly mattes, because personally that’s all I use unless I’m going out for a fancy dinner or celebrating a holiday!

Tartelette in Bloom


This palette came out after the other one, but it’s mine, so I figured I’d review it first haha. I am so in love with it (as I mentioned in my Makeup Revolution blog post) and have created many looks. I haven’t photographed any looks, as most times I do them in the evening before going out with friends or going for dinner, so lighting is terrible, but maybe in the future! I’m a huge fan of warm colors. My skin tone is naturally a warm olive tone, so it works well with it.


I don’t use primer under my eyeshadows, I use either ELF concealer or Revlon creme eyeshadow in a very white beige color as my base and the shadows have stayed on great. They don’t crease or change appearance throughout the day so I’m very happy with choosing this palette.


My fave shades are: charmer, smarty pants, rebel, sweetheart, and flower child. You can kind of read the in the photo above. This was my first high end eyeshadow palette purchase and it is an A++!!!

Tartelette (The Original)


The original Tartelette palette. It’s all matte and I love the purple and mauvy shades! I also like how there is a black shadow that can be used for eyeliner, the Tartelette in Bloom palette has a smoky black shade but it’s not as dramatic as Fashionista.


It applies the exact same as the other palette and lasts the exact same. The only difference are the eyeshadow colors and the package. I’m actually waiting for Tarte to do another sale so I can get this palette for myself. I rate them equally and if there was some sort of mega Tartelette palette that had all of these shades, I’d just buy that haha.


One question for you guys: are there any high end palettes that have an olive green color? Besides browns, beiges, burgundys, and purples, olive green is the only other shade I love, but I can’t find any high end palette with it. What’s with that?! Let me know if you know of one, I’d love to find it!!!

Disclaimer: If you want a fully negative review on a product, my blog isn’t the place to go. When I try something I don’t like, I immediately return it, give it to a friend, or just never buy it again. I don’t feel the need to give a bad product, that I used my money on, more of my valuable time (time = money). The only time you’ll see something negative is if I like the product but there are cons that I need to express also or if I was directly given poor customer service.

4 thoughts on “#IYGAReviews: Tartelette Eyeshadow Palettes!

  1. both of these are so beautiful! taste has such great things 😀 i love how all of these colors are super natural and wearable all year round
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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