#IYGAReviews: BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Makeup Brushes (My Experience)

Hello everyone, back at it again with another review! This time on BH Cosmetics, 7 Piece Eye Essential Brush Set:


First off, I originally heard of BH Cosmetics through beauty gurus on YouTube years ago. Being a drugstore makeup person up until only last year, I never really looked at their products. Little did I know, BH Cosmetics is basically a drugstore brand, price point wise, I’ve just never seen them in any drugstore or department stores in Canada (minus Winners every now and then). Their prices are low, and while I’m trying to up my makeup game because I am older and got the funds to try some high end things here and there (all because I’ve graduated university and paid it off ), I wasn’t sure if I should go back to my old bargain hunter makeup ways. I’ve tried some low end brands that could easily be mistaken for high end quality, so why not?! I purchased one thing: the 7 Piece Eye Essential Brush Set. 



Let me tell you: their shipping SUCKS. I am in Canada, BH Cosmetics is in the US. This shouldn’t be a problem. For example, when I ordered my Tarte palettes from the US, I received them in less than a week. The brushes were shipped on July 29th and I received it on August 22nd. It took OVER THREE WEEKS. Three. Damn. Weeks… to get my one little pack of brushes. I even paid for the “Preferred International Shipping” which claimed to take “4-8 business days.” FOUR TO EIGHT DAYS. Why even give me that option if it’s a lie?! I honestly wouldn’t even care that it took three weeks had they not claimed that if I paid a little more for shipping it’d take 4-8 business days. I guess if you take out the weekends it was more like 16 business days, but that’s still not 4-8 business days. Fail.


Price Point

Moving on… This brush set is originally $18.00 USD but at the time it was on sale for $8.00 USD. I also found a discount code through Google searching the phrase “BH Cosmetics Coupon Code” (always do this when shopping online, there are unadvertised coupon codes everywhere!) and found one for 10% off, so it became $7.20 USD. With the “preferred international shipping” at $5.47 USD (yup almost as much as the product itself), it became $12.67 USD (I don’t know why they don’t charge tax), and in Canadian dollars, it became around $15-$16, still a great price for 7 brushes.


The Brushes


The set came with: a blending brush, a large shader brush, a small shader brush, an angled blending brush, a pencil brush, a fine liner brush, and a small angled brush. The ones I use the most are: the blending brush, the small shader brush, the fine liner brush, and the small angled brush! All the brushes apply well and are worth every dime, minus one: the pencil brush (the one with the off-white bristles). It was originally a little rough, to be honest, the bristles were quite sharp which was annoying. I actually took scissors and trimmed it rounder so that it feels smoother. Other than that, they are definitely great brushes at low prices and I’d recommend them to anyone to add to their brush collection! I’ll definitely look for BH Cosmetics brushes again, I just won’t ever pay for their shipping. Thanks for checking out another #IYGAReviews, have a great rest of your day!

Disclaimer: If you want a fully negative review on a product, my blog isn’t the place to go. When I try something I don’t like, I immediately return it, give it to a friend, or just never buy it again. I don’t feel the need to give a bad product, that I used my money on, more of my valuable time (time = money). The only time you’ll see something negative is if I like the product but there are cons that I need to express also or if I was directly given poor customer service.

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