#OOTD: Fall Transition with Kate, Elizabeth and James!


Hello everyone, happy Labour Day! How’s your summer been? I know many of you are starting school tomorrow! I haven’t posted an outfit for about four months (unless you count Instagram), so as you can tell, mines been a little…occupied. Jewel Sofia took up a lot of my time and I just finished my last market of the summer yesterday! I’ve also been just enjoying my summer! I’ve been getting into makeup a lot more lately… I mean, I’ve posted ONLY makeup reviews for the past two months lol. Anyways…

Defining Fall Transition

Today I’ve got a fall transition outfit for you today. A fall transition outfit means an outfit that is wearable in summer weather, but has the characteristics of an outfit you’d wear in the fall. Basically an “in between” seasons kind of outfit! This outfit has the deep colors, a thick cotton knit blouse, and ankle boots you’d wear for fall, and bare arms and open toes suitable for that lingering summer weather! Ironically, the day these photos were taken (Sept 1) was Edmonton’s last day of hot weather, it’s been cloudy/raining ever since! FULL OUTFIT DETAILS AT THE END OF THIS POST.


Outfit Details:
Burgundy Blouse – Winners
Aisling Denim Pencil Skirt – Elizabeth and James
Burgundy Candace Purse – Kate Spade
Lace up Ankle Boots – Aldo
Black and Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors
Black Bracelet with Crown Charm – Jewel Sofia
Earrings – Aldo Accessories

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you have a great week!

Photos by my Mama! Location is the Muttart Conservatory.

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