#OOTD: My Fluffy Feather Friday!


Happy Friday! How was your week? Hopefully you enjoyed it! Today I’m posting outfits featuring this gorgeous fluffy feather jacket from Tiffany Blue – The Designer Consigner. I wore it like a poncho or shawl over my shoulders (not using the sleeves) but it’s actually a jacket. I love how dramatic it looks, just like dark lipstick, it’s perfect for fall! There’s a few other designer items from the consignment store that I mixed with some of my own clothes in these photos. I did two looks, they’re very similar, but the second one is a more dressy and formal look compared to the first. Full outfit details for each look are below.

The 1st Outfit

This look is not too dressy but not very casual either. Because of this, it’s versatile. You can wear it out with your best friends at your favourite restaurant, maybe hitting up a Rihanna concert (I wish!), or even going for a nice walk downtown in the evening with a special someone. Who cares if it’s after Labour day? These white pants are Chanel and there is no time limit for that lol.


1st Outfit Details:

From Tiffany Blue TDC:

-Black Feather Jacket by Cassin
-Creme Pants by Chanel
-Black Clutch by CC Skye
-Black Boots by Jimmy Choo

Owned by me:

-Black Sleeveless Blouse from Winners (wore burgundy one in my last #OOTD post here)

The 2nd Outfit

This second look, as mentioned earlier, is dressier. It’s better worn at a nice dinner banquet, a birthday celebration dinner, or a fashionable networking event. This outfit is also great for a date night at a fine dining restaurant where you just want to feel… in the sense of the word “boojie” haha. This outfit was definitely fun to wear. The inside, which you can’t really see in the photos, is a black lace bodysuit with beige cloth underneath.


2nd Outfit Details:

From Tiffany Blue TDC:

-Black Feather Jacket by Cassin
-Lacy Bodysuit by Bebe
-Black Boots by Jimmy Choo
-Bracelet by J. Crew

Owned by me:

-Beige and Black Pencil Skirt by Hugo Boss
-Burgundy Candace Purse by Kate Spade

Thanks for checking out my blog! Have a safe and fun weekend. See ya on my next post!

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