#OOTD: My Vintage Denim Jacket!


Hey guys! Hope you are having an amazing Monday! My #OOTD today is one of my FAVE outfits ever. Why?! Well, it’s all because of this jacket. What’s so special?! This denim jacket belonged to my mom in the 80’s when she lived in Hong Kong before she came to Canada. She bought it there because her and her bestie were fashionistas, and about 15 years later, gave it to me when I was like 11 or 12 years old. I put colourful patches all over it (I thought it was “edgy”) but ended up giving it back to her because I was a kid and moved on to the next thing. Last week, I remembered it for the first time in ages and asked her what happened to it. She reunited me with it and thankfully the patches were removable, so here we are!



I love this jacket because: 1. the backstory I just told you, 2. the denim is thick and high quality (I swear this is what construction workers’ jeans are made of), and  3.the fit and functionality! I love the loose sleeves and length at the bottom. It’s super comfy and even fits a hoody underneath too! Try doing that with the ones at AE or Gap, it’s hard without it becoming tight in the arms. I also love the colour, it’s not a trendy acid wash or has a bunch of ready-made rips in it, it’s just straight up default denim so it goes with many more outfits for more occasions. If only I had taken it back years ago! 🙂


I have seen this loose fit in a few stores more recently actually. It’s made of a thinner material though (ahem, unfortunate results of the fast fashion industry (my thoughts coming very soon!)). If you look harder, like at cowboy stores, or stores that sell premium denim, you can find one like this. Mine’s still in new condition and it’s like 30 years old, so finding this material is well worth it! This jacket is also gender-neutral, I don’t even know if it’s womens or just a small mens jacket, tbh.


The idea of this outfit was basically style and comfort, ain’t nothin’ crazy. This outfit is great for shopping, going to concerts, just hanging out with friends, or really literally any activity that doesn’t require gym clothes or to be super dressed up haha. It’s pretty casual but with the top being a bodysuit tucked into the pants, it makes it look a teensy bit more “put together” than if it were just a plain t-shirt or camisole. I like posting outfits like this because sometimes we just need a bit of comfort in our lives!


Outfit Details:
Denim Jacket – somewhere in Hong Kong 30 years ago
White Bodysuit – Express
Black Jeans – Dynamite (five years ago though!)
Leather Camel Crossover Purse – Aldo
Skinny Black Belt – Aldo
Ankle Boots – Aldo
Royal Blue Choker – Jewel Sofia Design
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors

Photos by: both my Ma & Pa! Love you!

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