#OOTD: Kinda Casual…Kinda Glamorous

Happy Tuesday! If you’re like me, you’re just getting back from a long weekend (Family Day Monday!). I just got back from my 11 day trip in Halifax and let me tell you, after witnessing five feet of snow fall in one night in the east, I’m happy to be back in Alberta. As you see in my pics taken yesterday, we have barely any snow left, if any at all (fingers crossed it stays this way)! Halifax was fun though, for many reasons! Anyways, I called this OOTD post “kinda casual…kinda glamorous” because, well, it kinda is BOTH.


This outfit is great for a date, going for lunch with friends, shopping, or going to a concert. This blouse was originally hip length, but I cut the bottom half off because I felt like it looked too “maternity” style with how outwards and loose the fabric was near the bottom, not really my style. I love the glitter and navy mixed together, it’s bold but the deep color keeps it subtle at the same time. Instead of typical black pants, burgundy created a dark version of color blocking which I love!


If you know me, this is typically what I like to wear. I pretty much never let myself dress CASUAL CASUAL, unless I’m at the gym or hiking. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sneakers or yoga pants, because trust me, I do incorporate those into my outfits often, but I like the feeling of just looking like I’m ready to be somewhere… if that makes sense! Most of the time, if you run into me, I visibly put thought into my outfit and hair/makeup, even if it’s a sneakers and Adidas hoody kinda day lol…  In this look I didn’t do anything to my hair after I washed it which keeps the look more “effortless” and balances out the glitz the blouse emits to keep the look casual. Full outfit details below!


The pic below is me looking like I’m creeping on someone across the street… I imagine this is how I look when I see bae looking fine across the street. Lmao.


Full Outfit Details:
Off-the-shoulder Blouse – Simons
Burgundy Leather Leggings – Dynamite
Leather Ankle Boots – Aldo
Leather Backpack – Aldo
Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors
Collar Necklace – Jewel Sofia Design

Photos taken by my Mama!

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