#OOTD: Olive Green and Boyfriend Jeans ft. Oversized Camo


Where I’ve Been

Hey hey! I hope this blog post finds you well. I’ve been super MIA. Honestly, it’s because I have 3 jobs, and work almost every hour I’m awake. Why?! Winter is my least inspiring season, so I figured if I’m not being creative, I might as well make money. My thoughts on this now are: I wish I was being creative during the last 6 months, because it does give me a sense of completeness, but at the same time I don’t regret working so much… Sure, it’s slightly taking away from my personal goals and my sleep (tragic) but it’s related work that lets me explore tactics I wouldn’t on my own (due to lack of funds). Working all the time has also forced me to be social and make friends at work… I know this is a very common thing, but I usually just get to know one person and they’re my go-to. I wouldn’t really give coworkers (that aren’t in my department’s proximity) more than a “hi” or “how was your weekend?”, but when you work so much that you rarely get to see your friends, you start to want to get to know the people you’re around every single day… if you aren’t doing this, do it. You’ll enjoy your work life way more. I’m still a little awkward and introverted at the start with people (hence why I didn’t really get to know coworkers in the first place) but everyday just take three minutes and ask a coworker something about themselves and slowly you’ll find things to have full convos about. Anyways, onto the ‘fit…


What I’m Wearing

Minus the camo jacket, these are all items I’ve worn in other blog posts or in another outfit I’ve posted on IG (follow me here, I post outfits here that I don’t formally do photos in). My inspiration for this outfit was the mens camo jacket and my absolute fave stylista, Rihanna. If you follow her outfits, she has often incorporated camo patterns into her wardrobe. The camo jacket in this outfit is a mens garment in size medium, but with the sleeves slightly rolled and the waist-adjustment buttons at the tightest, it’s not too bulky (yall know that ain’t my style)! When shopping, don’t look at items as what they are, look at them as a piece of an outfit puzzle…


With the weather slightly warming up (barely), I thought I’d pull out my boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 (click here) and this lovely olive crop top. This outfit works for going to a festival (pair with sneakers or gladiator sandals for comfort), a concert, a hockey game (go Oilers!!!!), a date at a casual restaurant, and many other events. It’s not really targeted towards a specific dress code, I’d just say “urban, casual, and warm weather appropriate.” All jewelry is by Jewel Sofia Design (make sure to stay up to date with when I sell at local markets/online).


This could even look great with a solid black or white crop top underneath, or burgundy (too obsessed with that color!!!). Keep it solid colored because a pattern will take away from the camo as well as look too busy with the rips in the jeans too. Thank you for checking out my blog and I will see you soon!98765

Outfit Details:
Crop Top – Winners
Mens Camo Jacket – Simons
Boyfriend Jeans – Forever 21
Black Pumps – Aldo
Chokers – Jewel Sofia Design
Watch – Michael Kors
Earrings – Aldo Accessories

Photos taken by my friend, Andrea Willson.

My love, Rihanna, in one of many of her outfits featuring camo:
(Photo from: http://hausofrihanna.com/puma-sophia-chang-brooklynite/)

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