I Ombre’d My Hair!

Hey there! I hope your day is going well! About two weeks ago I dyed my own hair a magenta/red ombre from my dark black/brown roots with NO bleach. I didn’t use typical box dye, I used L’Oreal HiColor HiLights in Magenta with L’Oreal 30 Developer from Sally’s Beauty. It was affordable too; they had a deal where you get the bottle of developer for free when you buy two boxes of the L’Oreal HiColor (which worked out because I have a lot of hair and one was not enough). I’ve been told by hairstylist friends it’s not quite pro color dye but it’s a higher level of hair dye than regular box dyes where everything is pre-mixed. 

I will explain the steps I did to achieve this look, I recommend reading the steps before starting (I filmed a video but it did not turn out good and I can’t really refilm it with my hair already dyed so I scrapped it lol).


  1. Throw on a old t-shirt.
  2. Brush hair and part into organized sections that you can dye neatly, 4 sections should be good as you’ll be dying lower half.
  3. Mix HiColor dye with developer (1:2 ratio; 1 part color with 2 parts developer) until an even-colored creamy mixture.
  4. Start at the hair ends so that they become the most vibrant (the dye will sit the longest on the area you start and shortest on the area you end on). Take a toothbrush (or hair dye brush if you own one) and use it to pick up some dye mixture and brush it evenly into the ends of your hair, I made the brightest section about 3 inches up my ends. Do this to all sections ends first so that they get soaked in the dye for the same amount of time to achieve even color.
  5. After the ends are colored, start coloring up the hair on all the sections. This part of the hair will end up slightly less vibrant than the ends, it’ll be the middle shade of magenta/red.
  6. Now use the rest of the dye and bring the color up again where it will be blending with your current hair color. This part will be the transition between your current hair color and the beginning of the red ombre. You’ll want to blend the dye by making sure it does not form a straight line across the hair, ruining the ombre effect. You’ll want go stagger where the dye starts so that when it’s washed and dries the ombre will look blended in.
  7. Let the hair soak in the dye for 30-35 minutes.
  8. Rinse out thoroughly in lukewarm water until the water is pretty much clear. Condition your hair and rinse.
  9. Style as usual. In my photo above, I let it air dry and curled it with a 1″ hair straightener and sprayed it with hair spray. 
  10. Voila!

    There are many videos on YouTube demonstrating how to achieve an ombre effect. The one I followed the most closely that also uses the products I used is by Makeba (aka YNotKeeb) which you can view by clicking here. I also looked up videos with the phrase “how to blend roots with ombre effect” to see various methods for blending on straight/wavy hair.

    Thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post! If you haven’t watched my latest video reviewing Fenty Beauty, please watch it by clicking here. Have a great day!

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