Vlog: The C-Tribe Fashion Show

Hey there! I hope you’re doing well. On November 25th, I attend the C-Tribe Fashion Show! I vlogged my experience, however, I wanted to write a blog post to supplement it because the C-Tribe Festival isn’t about fashion. The fashion show was the icing on the cake. The real “meat” of the festival was during the day before and day of the fashion show. Keynote speakers and panelists had been carefully selected to discuss important topics that benefit young entrepreneurs, startup owners, curious Edmontonians, and more. These topics included social media, artificial intelligence, inspiration, building up our city, and more. There was also a meditation and a dinner, which I regret missing, but a girl gotta work!! Anyways, if you hear about the next C-Tribe event, I recommend checking out the whole thing and all it offers. Sahr, the C-Tribe founder, had mentioned in his opening speech that if people want a better community they gotta be accountable, so become a better community we gotta participate in the community and gain knowledge and relationships.

red outfit

Anyways, I attended the first C-Tribe Fashion Show at the Epcor Tower back in May and it was good but this one was WAY better. This one was at the Enbridge Tower at City Center in Edmonton, it was beautifully laid out. I hugely enjoyed the crowd, I even ended up doing a lap around the room for 45 minutes just talking and mingling with people I knew well and not so much, but it was fun to talk to young, like-minded, and creative individuals. I wore a bomb outfit! All red from head to toe (minus by black heels) and I absolutely love events like because of that. I miss throwing themed corporate events and having something to dress to the nines for. Anyways, some highlights at the event: there was an Aboriginal cultural dancer, he did amazing and it was cool to find out that the building we were in was on Treaty 6 Territory! My favorite part was my girls in Bad Bitch Mentality, a local hip hop dance crew, break it down in two different routines! Of course, there was also a fashion show which had about 6 or 7 different brands model. Jelena, an 8-time world winning boxing champion was there promoting her new boxing gym opening up soon!

I’ve attached below the vlog I filmed during the fashion show. It’s formatted in a way where I wanted the viewer to feel like they were there with me from before the event until after. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Outfit Details:
Blouse – Urban Behaviour
Pants – La Maison Simons
Clutch – Vintage from my mom
Shoes – Aldo Shoes

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