#IYGAReviews: Fenty Beauty #MATTEMOISELLE Lipsticks are HERE!!! (Lip Swatch Video)

OKAY SO HERE IT IS. My favorite makeup brand that y’all know I’m obsessed with (and is the reason my bank account suffers everytime she has a collection release), Fenty Beauty, has finally released the Mattemoiselle lipsticks on December 26th! For weeks I’ve been watching the photos and videos of the fourteen different shades.


I knew immediately which ones I would get, so as soon as I got the chance on the day of the release, I went straight to Sephora and bought them! I got the four shades I had my eyes on and knew I would wear on the regular. I was very intrigued by the navy shade, Clapback, but I knew that I would only wear it maybe once or twice a year, so until ya girl has got that kinda disposable income, I’m not going to buy makeup just to put on display haha.



From the first time I saw the photo of it, I fell in LOVE with the shade Freckle Fiesta. I also got Shawty, Spanked, and Griselda. Before we get to the video, I wanted to do a quick review on the lipsticks, including packaging, formula, wear, and colour! Here we go:

I LOVE the rose gold, skinny packing. It’s so sleek, chic, and gorgeous! It looks just as good as the product on the inside. I actually like the skinny lipstick application, I feel like it gives me more control of the color, kind of like a lip liner.

I am VERY impressed by the formula. The lipstick is skinny, so I was a little worried that I was buying mainly packaging, but that is not the case. This is probably the most pigmented lipstick, with just one swipe across the lips, it provides an opaque layer of color that doesn’t need another layer. The only thing is the very deep shades, like Griselda, did not apply as smoothly as the light and medium shades.

It dries with a beautiful plush, matte, velvet type of finish. It’s very moisturizing and lasts for many hours when untouched. If you eat, drink, or kiss someone, it transfers and wipes off very easily. This is a downside because it means you have to reapply, but applying it is so enjoyable I don’t care haha.

The lipsticks came in fourteen different shades, and by different, I mean DIFFERENT. Rihanna released navy blue, money green, bright orange, lilac, baby blue, and a dark purple lipsticks. She also released more common shades, like browns, reds, and pinks. Below I review the four shades I purchased:

  • Spanked
    Spanked is a beautiful muted rose color that I chose because I knew I would wear it multiple days a week. It’s a very natural pink rosy color, almost the same as my natural lips. It applies in one swipe and suit my skin color perfectly (IMO). I love it, it’s my third favorite shade.
  • Shawty
    Shawty is my second favorite shade. It’s the most beautiful milk chocolate brown shade. I have been wearing it a lot this week! It’s very smooth and actually has more of a satin finish. I also love applying a light beige color in the center of my lips to create a brown ombre effect.
  • Griselda
    In my video I say this is my favorite of the four. It’s a really beautiful, deep red color, great for a dramatic lip. I love how it looked on me but it’s now actually my fourth favorite of my shades. It applies less smooth than the rest of the lipsticks and because it’s very dark, I realized I’m likely not going to reach for it very often.
  • Freckle Fiesta
    This is my REAL favorite lipstick shade. It’s the most beautiful, rich, terra-cotta orange shade. It has kind of a brown undertone, but it’s still a gorgeous orange color. I’ve been wearing it nearly daily this week! It looks amazing in the day time and is bold enough for evening too! You’re definitely going to be seeing me rocking this very often. I love how it looks on my skin tone and I hope she releases it in the Stunna Lip Paint formula!


Anyways, without further ado, here is my lip swatch video! I hope you enjoy it and it helps you choose which Mattemoiselle lipsticks you like. I’m SO SORRY that there are some out-of-focus scenes. I had no idea I was filming out of focus until I got to editing. Thank you for watching a please subscribe to my channel for more beauty, hair, fashion, and lifestyle videos. See you in my next post 🙂

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