Ashley Takes Seattle! (Travel Vlog)

Hey y’all!! As you can see in the title, I went to Seattle, Washington in the USA! Yup, I went for a weekend and I know, I know, it’s still winter and not “prime” travel time to go to Seattle but the opportunity arose and I took it! I love traveling and I definitely feel like I don’t do it enough (which I’m working on changing because I’m 25 and I feel like it’s time) so I could not say no! Yes, it was raining but I did not let that stop me from venturing out and about in Seattle’s downtown area.

I actually stayed at the Westin in Bellevue, Washington, such a beautiful hotel and it’s in an amazing area full of shopping and restaurants in walking distance! Random fact, Bellevue is home of Microsoft and maybe Bill Gates (or did he move?). Anyways, Bellevue is only a 30 min bus ride from downtown Seattle. Yes, I took the bus everywhere, it’s actually cheap and HELLA better than the public transportation system we have here in Edmonton (y’all need to take notes from Seattle!). I also took the bus from the Tacoma International Airport to Bellevue and it stops about a 4 min walk from the hotel. I like to spend my money on food and experiences, NOT transportation, so if there’s a bus/train nearby that takes me somewhere in equal time to an taxi/Uber, I’ll take it lol.

ANYWAYS, I documented majority of my trip and made my first travel vlog! Please watch it below. Some portions the sound is a little messed up because my phone had gotten wet from the rain, but I hope you like it! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give the video a thumbs up! Thanks for stopping by. Photos from my trip will be up in another blog post!

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