Happy Valentine’s Day! #ASMR Edition (Video)

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I made something for you this V-day and I hope you like it. Lately ASMR videos have been popping up everywhere. Yes, I know they’ve been a thing for a long time, but I’m new to it and am so far enjoying them! ASMR sounds for Autonomous sensory meridian response.

I recently purchased a Blue Snowball Ice microphone off Kijiji (yes, I LOVE buying electronics second hand, some people sell things after only using them once!) and I am in LOVE. It records SO crisp and clear, I just had to make my own ASMR video. I also review the microphone at the end of the video! I hope you enjoy the video, have a VERY happy Valentine’s day, whether you’re coupled up or single, JUST ENJOY THE DAY! See you in my next post 🙂

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