Look Book #1 – Styling a Denim Jacket (Video)

Hey y’all! It’s getting close to spring now…kinda…ish…okay, not really. The snow in Edmonton is (so far) here to stay (and sadly increase), but at least the temperatures are not too bad! I mean, we had slush, puddles, and mud a week ago! Anyways, my point is, it’s been warm enough to ditch the heavy winter parkas and throw on a bomber jacket, leather jacket, trench, coat, or denim jacket! Yup, I am definitely welcoming this weather with open arms. Come on, glass half full!

I had wanted my YouTube channel (CLICK HERE & SUBSCRIBE) to be fashion focused, but with the constant snow storms, blizzards, no sunlight after 3pm, and being sick all winter long, makeup tutorials were my go-to! FINALLY, the sun is staying out longer (so I can film after work) and I’m feeling more energized (who else gets winter blues?!). SO, here it is, my very first Look Book!

I styled 9 different outfits with denim jackets. While I use 3 different jackets, one would suffice in all the looks! The point is, a classic, solid blue denim jacket is a great staple to have in your closet because 1) they go with an endless amount of outfits, 2) they are timeless, and 3) they are perfect for spring/summer/fall! The denim jacket is one of those items you spend some more money on, great quality denim can last decades (as you’ll see in the vintage denim I’m wearing from my mom that she owned at 23 years old). Enjoy the video below and if you have any questions, please comment them below!


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