#IGYAReviews: The Garnier #FructisFestivalExperience


Hey y’all!! I’m back with another review! This time with some awesome Garnier Frustis products sent to me by Garnier Canada!! The package came with the cutest things — a little hair accessory pouch (the little green thing in the bottom right corner) and a flower crown (not photoed)! Honestly, before this, the only Garnier products I’ve ever used was their hairsprays…I love Garnier Fructis hairspray and have purchased it repeatedly, but other that that, the whole line was new to me. I was, however, always curious about the hairmask (that small jar in front of the hairspray in the photo) because so many YouTubers recommended it.  I used all the products for about a month and I think it’s safe to say I can fairly review them. Sooooo, let’s go!

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

I wash my hair only about twice a week so I only used these a handful of times, so I can’t say how many washes each bottle lasts but I can tell you they smell SO GOOD. The shampoo lathered nicely and smelled amazing during and after my shower. The conditioner smelled great too. Did it eliminate frizz? Not totally, but my hair was nice and shiny, especially in the sunlight. It contains Argan Oil in it, so that definitely did the trick. Personally, I wouldn’t just buy this again for the smell. It’s not a big game changer performance wise.

Garnier Fructis Hold & Flex Ultimate Control Hairspray

Like I said earlier, I love Garnier Fructis hairsprays! Firstly, they smell amazing, kinda fruity… not like hairspray chemicals like many other hairsprays do. Second, they actually work. I wouldn’t call this hairspray “ultimate” control, as it’s labelled, but it holds my hair for the day and it doesn’t turn all white and dusty when I brush my hair at the end of the day. I’m not sure if this is what they company was going for, but personally, I like this hairspray for the hold that it offers, whether that’s what they’re advertising or not. Personally, I use their volume hairspray (in a green aerosol can also) the most, and it holds almost the exact same so I would say purchase either or, and you’ll get nearly the same product.

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat – 1 Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract

Out of the entire PR package, this hair mask treatment was my FAVORITE product. This one I actually used until empty. Yes, that was quick, I may have used it way too often, but I loved how smooth it made my hair and again…. the SCENT — so nice. After washing my hair, instead of applying conditioner, I would put this over my entire hair, including my scalp (I have a dry scalp sometime) and forget 1 minute, I’d put it on, wash my body, face, shave, and leave it on for probably 10-15 minutes. As soon as I rinsed it out, I could immediately feel a difference. My hair was SO DAMN SOFT. This treatment is definitely moisturizing and I plan to buy this with my own coin again — and I want to try the other types of fruit!!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog for my honest review on Garnier Fructis products sent to me by Garnier Canda and Lang Management! Thanks to them for the product (if they’re reading this!) and I can’t wait to hopefully try out some more Garnier in the future! Have a lovely day!!

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