My Take on the #2019FordExplorer | YYC Edition + VIDEO

Hey y’all!! Oh happy Monday! Thank you for stopping by. I am grateful for you! A couple weekends ago I was given the opportunity from Team Ford in Edmonton to take a 2019 Ford Explorer Sport for a trip. I was SO excited and knew I couldn’t just stay in Edmonton with it, I took it to the lovely city of Calgary for some adventure! Well, not so much adventure, but a hunt for gorgeous murals on the sides of buildings for some fun blog posts and a vlog/review video of the Ford Explorer and my weekend in Calgary (scroll to the bottom!).

Stopped for some Red Robin’s before road trippin’

Anyways, back to the Ford Explorer. I took it to Calgary and instead of doing a generic review, I decided to make a vlog video about how I would personally use it if I actually owned it on my YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe). People always look at products they want to buy, but sometimes we get so excited we don’t think “would this be functional in my daily life? Would it make any tasks I regularly do any easier?” Welp, if you’re like me and love fashion, photoshoots, creating content, and tons of cargo space, this is the review for you!

On my way to Calgary I stopped at Peters’ Drive-In! Honestly, I haven’t stopped at a Peters’ Drive-In since 2012 so I totally forgot how good their milkshakes were!

I’ve never driven an SUV this size before, I actually drive a small SUV (my lovely Nissan Rogue), but the 2019 Ford Explorer was surprisingly super easy to get used to. Driving it to Calgary was a dream and all of the features it included were the icing on the cake. In the video, I highlight tons of features that I use throughout my trip. Honestly, an Explorer was never on my list of potential future rides, but after having this one for 4 days… my mind has been changed. The amount of room, automated features, safety features (especially the cruise control features), and overall look of the vehicle won me over.

Our first stop on our YYC Mural tour!

I planned out a typical day of blog shooting, which I usually do about once a month (especially if I don’t have any special events to dress up for!). It was especially fun because I’m from Edmonton, and location hunting in another city felt like an adventure in itself. We did three locations for three different outfits. I originally had four murals planned, but two weren’t what I expected, and we happened to drive by a multi-level parkade with the Calgary tower behind it that I had to check out!!

The 2nd stop! A parkade located perfectly in front of the Calgary tower! How badass does the Ford Explorer look here?!
This is probably my favorite photo with Ford Explorer. I love that it captures the vehicle, my love for fashion, and the most well-known landmark in Calgary! Not going to lie, it was cold outside!

My favorite features of the 2019 Ford Explorer are:

  • heated seats and steering wheel
  • gorgeous moonroof
  • automatic folding back seats to extend cargo space
  • cruise control and how it speeds up and slows down for you depending on traffic in front
  • all the cameras
  • the lit cup holders!
  • super convenient plug in and usb outlets
  • navigation map was very smooth, felt like using Google maps
Our final location — this mural was so gorgeous and the sun was just starting to go down, so the lighting was really pretty!

Comfort-wise, the Ford Explorer is very comfortable. It takes about three hours for me to drive into Calgary from Edmonton, and I didn’t feel myself getting uncomfortable at all! I tried out the cooled seats (opposite of heated seats) and it felt so weird! It felt like I was sitting in water because the seat just became cold so fast. I can see it being nice in the summer, as it should, but it is definitely a different feeling haha.

Not going to lie, driving around this vehicle made me feel a lot cooler haha.

Throughout the entire trip I took advantage of having Sirius XM. The sound system in the Explorer was pretty good. I had mainly my usual hiphop, reggae, r&b blasting and it made the experience so much better. People often overlook the radio when vehicle shopping, but it makes a world of a difference when it comes to driving!

This Ford also kind of looks like an undercover police car haha.

The last day with the Ford Explorer. I was so lazy too do my hair, thankfully I brought my favorite NY Yankees baseball cap. On the last day, we chilled, ate at Cibo’s for some 1/2 off pizza and I left. I didn’t want to give back the Explorer, it’s so nice — but alas, I must.

My last photo with this baby! Definitely a game changing SUV! Perfect for bloggers and stylists, or anyone that uses tons of cargo space!

Thank you so much Team Ford for providing the 2019 Ford Explorer Sport. I definitely fell in love with it! Please make sure to follow Team Ford on Instagram by clicking here! Also, visit their official website to find the vehicle you’re looking for by clicking here!

Thanks so much for popping by! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram! I hope you have an amazing week and if you’re SUV shopping — try out the Ford Explorer! Byeeeeee!

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