#IYGAReviews: Garnier Fructis Hydra Purify Shampoo + Conditioner (YES or NAH?)


Hey y’all! Happy Friday! Today I’ll be reviewing the Garnier Fructis Hydra Purify Shampoo and Conditioner sent to me by Garnier Canada! If you haven’t seen my previous review on another line of hair products by Garnier, please click here! Personally, the only products from Garnier that I have purchased to use in my regular hair routine is their hairspray (the ones in the green aerosol can) and the Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Masks (my FAVE hair mask as of right now). I use another brand of shampoo/conditioner in my normal hair routine which I’m pretty loyal to.

This morning I decided to try the Hydra Purify shampoo/conditioner for the first time. My hair was not in any regular “dirty hair” condition though. I had actually had been soaking my scalp in castor oil and the rest of my hair in coconut oil overnight, SOOOO, I really put these products to the test. If you have ever used castor oil, you know it’s a very thick and heavy oil.

While washing my hair, oh my God, does Garnier never fail to provide the BEST scents in their products. It smelled SO good. The shampoo was very sudsy and lathered well in my hair, which is great. The conditioner smelled just as nice, and it also went through my hair nicely. The real results, however, showed up AFTER it was dried.

I soak my hair in castor oil and coconut oil or even extra virgin olive oil about once a week. My routine shampoo and conditioner does an amazing job of washing out the oils so I had a bar set! Sadly, this shampoo did not wash out the oil fully. After my hair had dried, it still had the oily kind of look to it… yes it was soft and shiny near on the bottom half, but my scalp was oil central. SO, if you’re just looking for a shampoo/condition with a great smell that washes normal hair with normal dirt in it, this will work, but if you’re like me and you treat your hair once a week with oils… this won’t wash it out in one wash. Maybe two.

Have you tried this shampoo/conditioner before? Let me know what you think below! Thank you again Garnier & Lang Management for the PR package! Thanks for stopping by! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram! Have a great weekend!

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