Black-Owned Restaurants in Calgary #YYC

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I hope you are well. Right now we are all finding ways to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and if you aren’t, then please get on board (for change, not for trend).

A great way to support the Black Community in Calgary is to SHOP AT BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES. I, as a foodie, have found there are SO many food posts on social media about the most viral bubble tea cafe and the latest pho craze – but even through all these foods and cultures that we enjoy, there is a shortage of Black-Owned restaurants being hyped up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Caribbean restaurants are very popular – but Black-Owned restaurants include so many other categories that aren’t only about their culture. Like any other Canadians, people own a variety of businesses, whether it’s connected to their identity or not, as long as it’s their passion, kudos to them – we should support! Spread them on social media. Help more Black-owned businesses to thrive in our community (and don’t tell me to support ALL small business. Look at my food page; I eat at a LOT of local spots and so do others in the #YYC food community, that’s not the point). Thanks for stopping by and please let me know which are your faves!

More and more restaurants are being added to my list daily, I will be posting updated versions regularly!

Here we go…

Thank you and stay tuned for an updated list. I will be adding/editing/eliminating and making sure the list becomes as accurate and complete as possible.

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