UPDATED Black-Owned Restaurants in Calgary #YYC (Version 2)

Hello! I have updated the directory of Calgary Black-Owned Restaurants. Thank you to everyone that shared the first version and sent in adds and edits. Please share and support these businesses by checking them out and adding them to your rotation. I’ve tried a bunch and many are very good ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 I’m still on the search. As I’ve said on Instagram, many business owners are not on their restaurant websites. I’ve been getting questions about how I made the lists and how I count a business as “Black-Owned” versus for example, a restaurant that’s owned by Africans of a non-black descent. Well – I make the lists by using Google, LinkedIn, looking up company websites, contacting restaurants, getting restaurants from friends/fellow foodies, finding articles of Black-Owned businesses being highlighted or owners being interviewed, and finding other confirmed lists online of “Black-Owned” restaurants (not ones circulated only on IG). Version 2 is more accurate than Version 1 because I’ve added/eliminated any that don’t belong, and will continue to until the list is as accurate as it can get. Send me anymore that I still have missed. #YYC is a large city, so let’s keep this list growing!

Thank you and here we go…

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