My Take on the #2019FordExplorer | YYC Edition + VIDEO

Hey y’all!! Oh happy Monday! Thank you for stopping by. I am grateful for you! A couple weekends ago I was given the opportunity from Team Ford in Edmonton to take a 2019 Ford Explorer Sport for a trip. I was SO excited and knew I couldn’t just stay in Edmonton with it, I took it to the lovely city of Calgary for some adventure! … Continue reading My Take on the #2019FordExplorer | YYC Edition + VIDEO

#YEGEvents: Ruby & Rhinestones Gala!

Hey yall! How are you!? Thanks for poppin’ by my blog on this lovely Thursday. I hope you are well, healthy, happy, and being true to yourself. A couple weeks ago (Oct 4th) I went to an Edmonton charitable gala called the Ruby and Rhinestones Cocktail Gala. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me post about it live in my IG story … Continue reading #YEGEvents: Ruby & Rhinestones Gala!

Ashley Takes Seattle! (Travel Vlog)

Hey y’all!! As you can see in the title, I went to Seattle, Washington in the USA! Yup, I went for a weekend and I know, I know, it’s still winter and not “prime” travel time to go to Seattle but the opportunity arose and I took it! I love traveling and I definitely feel like I don’t do it enough (which I’m working on … Continue reading Ashley Takes Seattle! (Travel Vlog)

#OOTD: Hello 2018! [NYE Outfit]

Happy New Year and Happy Sunday! Hello 2018. Yes, I know, it’s already February, but I’ve been travelling, find my balance between making YouTube content, work, staying healthy, and my jewelry line. Anyways, I’m so very excited for this year. For me, 2017 was, for the most part, a dud. Yes, there were some highlights, which I’ll mention below, but I’m ready for this new … Continue reading #OOTD: Hello 2018! [NYE Outfit]

Vlog: The C-Tribe Fashion Show

Hey there! I hope you’re doing well. On November 25th, I attend the C-Tribe Fashion Show! I vlogged my experience, however, I wanted to write a blog post to supplement it because the C-Tribe Festival isn’t about fashion. The fashion show was the icing on the cake. The real “meat” of the festival was during the day before and day of the fashion show. Keynote … Continue reading Vlog: The C-Tribe Fashion Show

Meeting Christian Milian & Hanging At #RMWFF2017!! (VIDEO)

Hey you! I hope you are doing amazing. I am extremely excited to be sharing with you because as you can tell from the title, this week I met one of my fave celebrities, especially from when I was in high school: Christina Milian!!!!! EEEEAKKAKAKKKKHEUIE (me shrieking in joy)!!! She is SO beautiful and her personality is equally gorgeous. Continue reading “Meeting Christian Milian & Hanging At #RMWFF2017!! (VIDEO)”

Style in the City: The Fashion Show and Market!

Hey there! I hope you are doing lovely today. A couple weekends ago, myself and Janelle Lawton put together a fashion show and market in downtown Edmonton. It was called: Style in the City! The purpose of the event was to bring out Edmonton’s local designers, boutique owners, and of course, an audience that loves supporting local! I had the honor of MC-ing the event, which was a … Continue reading Style in the City: The Fashion Show and Market!

#YEGShow: Touching the Void

Hey everyone! Apologies to my readers for my overly extended hiatus. This past month has been full of markets my jewelry company, Jewel Sofia, has been participating in, and I’ve been working on orders, new designs, and yeah…it’s no excuse, so I’m trying to get back to my regular posting schedule. Sorry to everyone asking me about this event post also, this post is long overdue!

I don’t know if you remember, but last November, Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees (Cannibal Kings) organized Edmonton’s first #YEGShow. Well they did another amazing event, Touching the Void. It was an art gallery and market featuring some amazing local and underground artists. Their pieces of art were really beautiful! You might recognize some of the work from artists I’ve mentioned in the first #YEGShow post! The event was on Saturday, May 28th at the Harcourt House in downtown Edmonton. I didn’t get photos of all the art, my camera was not cooperating with the lighting, especially with less vibrant paintings, but I still got photos of my most favorite pieces below! Continue reading “#YEGShow: Touching the Void”

International Women’s Day!


Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today is March 8th, 2016 and I am proud to spread the word about this day. I am a woman who aspires to establish a career I can be proud of, educate myself as much as I can on topics that not only affect me but the world, and surround myself with other strong, respectful, loving, ambitious, and compassionate women. I am proud of the achievements my fellow sisters around the world, from the past and present, have made; as well as the achievements we will make in the future. Whether it’s economic, social, political, big or small, we must keep moving forward. Everyday I’m amazed by women I hear about that take huge risks, whether it’s their life, job, or freedom, it’s amazing. Continue reading “International Women’s Day!”

Books I Read in 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Wooh! So, as most of you know, I enjoy some leisurely reading and usually make time for one to two books a month. For 2016, I’d like to read two books a month, but I finished Tina Fey’s Bossypants in only three days, so I might have three books down this month at this rate! That is 2016 talk…we’re here to talk about the … Continue reading Books I Read in 2015

Edmonton’s First #YEGShow!

Hey everyone!! Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a market and tradeshow event called the YEGShow (Nov 7th, 2015). This event was focused on local Edmonton fashion entrepreneurs, with some exception to some Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver brands. With myself starting my long-time dream, a handmade jewelry company titled Jewel Sofia, and my love for community fashion events, I just had to attend and meet as many people as possible. With this event being founded and organized by Jim Duggin and Patricc Cees, who are well known in the YEG urban community, you’d think it was an urban-focused event, however, there were many other genres of fashion and accessories that were making this event appeal to a variation of attendees. Actually, talking with Jim that day, it was part of his goal to have variety at the show. He had urban wear, modest wear, leather goods, “tatted” furniture, and just a variety of talent laid throughout the venue, Latitude 53. There were so many beautiful handmade goods!


Out of the two founders I spoke with Jim (above) and it was amazing to see all the passion about the YEGshow and what he wants it to do for the community and for local business. I also asked Jim, “what are you most proud about that happened at the first YEGshow?”
Continue reading “Edmonton’s First #YEGShow!”

#ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Valley Zoo!


Hello there! Happy Thursday! Exactly a week ago today, August 20th, was the #ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Above is a photo of us before the show started.

When I was invited to this event I was SO excited because: 1) I haven’t been to the Valley Zoo since I was a kid (I didn’t even remember what it looked like) and 2) the runway showcased fashion and ANIMALS. Yes, zookeepers walked animals down the runway! Continue reading “#ZOOlander Fashion Show at the Valley Zoo!”