I’m Not A Fashion Blogger

Hey everyone! I just felt like writing this to define the “Fashion and Beauty” portion of my blog. This portion covers around 35% of all my blogging content, so it’s important to me. Even though I have a category in my blog menu above with the word “Fashion” in it, I’d like to address that I don’t call myself a “Fashion Blogger.” Fashion bloggers know about specific designers, fashion release dates, … Continue reading I’m Not A Fashion Blogger

Lost Your Dreams Because You Entered a Relationship?

Changing JUST Because you Entered a Relationship?

This post is mainly targeted towards young men and women, maybe from the ages of 17 to 29, that aren’t quite established career-wise yet. I have a wide variety of friends, from housewife-types to entrepreneurs to teachers, etc. I love when people have ambitions and goals but I hate when all this stops immediately after they get into a relationship.

Like why?!

I’ll give you an example… Continue reading “Lost Your Dreams Because You Entered a Relationship?”


Golden_moments (37 of 65)

Hello everyone! Ooooh I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back and I’ve got a new event I’d like to share with you all! It was called Golden Moments, held at the Citadel in downtown Edmonton, and it was a great time! The theme was gold, so people had to dress or accessorize in gold. Some people had gold clothes, some had gold chains, and some had gold grillz! As usual I interviewed people and asked them questions about their lives and of course, Edmonton, our city! Continue reading “#GoldenMomentsYEG”

Valentine’s Jams (Songs to get down to, even if you’re single)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I’m going to write songs to listen to tonight on Valentine’s Day based on your current relationship situation (I have made a LOT of categories). I just went through my iPod to find these songs, so there are a lot of old songs and I just basically chose slow jamz…I REALIZE I am missing a ton of great songs, but I just skimmed through and tried to think of whatever came to mind, to list all the great r&b songs out there would take forever lol. If you are not a rap, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, or even pop fan, you probably won’t benefit from this post in any way haha, but check it out…

tumblr_n0tcbufyIi1rmght3o2_500 Continue reading “Valentine’s Jams (Songs to get down to, even if you’re single)”

What does “Taking a Break” mean?


Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway through the week and also three days away from Valentine’s Day!! Today’s topic, as hinted by the title, is what does it mean to “take a break” during a relationship? If you’re expecting to get back together before Valentine’s day, chances are that won’t happen… or if it does, that’s great! Personally, I don’t believe in relationship “breaks” because they generally mean that there is something already wrong with the relationship, and ignoring it by taking a “break” for however long won’t get rid of the problem. I realize in some cases, breaks do work though, so I’m not hating. Don’t take this post too seriously, people! I wrote this cause I thought it’d be a fun read and maybe it’s something that you can relate to or maybe it will be helpful to someone out there in the world! Anyways, let’s go…here are  some reasons why couples “take a break”: Continue reading “What does “Taking a Break” mean?”

Leave a Job Interview with Confidence!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Being almost done my Commerce degree, a conversation I’m constantly having with my friends at school starts off with, “what the Hell are we going to do after we’re done school?”


With a degree that is so broad and general, and a marketing and management major, the possibilities are endless, yet also limited when one doesn’t have “5-7 years experience” like many of the job postings are looking for. They ALSO require a business degree; so I have one of those, but one of those are more valuable than the other…the experience. Nowadays, I’m trying to be more involved and put myself out there, and show that I can contribute mutually to a company or job, but paid experience, in my opinion, is more valuable on a resumé, you can correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m new to this.

I’m writing today about techniques and advice that I’ve collected to help someone get a job. These tips are from conversations I’ve had with managers, friends with established careers, and human resources and career advisors that I’ve talked to in the past.

Obviously, the first thing you need is a resumé, which is a one to two page summary of all your work and volunteer experience, as well as your level of education and other talents (computer competent, excellent public speaker, etc.). There are many templates online that you can use to make sure your resumé is in the correct format, but make sure it is not too long, and that you’re not using any irrelevant information about yourself. I also learned that if you are applying for a specific job, cater your resumé to the job requirements, because if your words match what they are looking for in the position, you’ll be recognized as a suitable candidate. Continue reading “Leave a Job Interview with Confidence!”

Slave to the Cell Phone

Slave to the Cell Phone

What up what up everyone! It’s Monday! To all you students, it’s the last week of school before reading week!! 😀

Okay, I have come to a realization multiple times and it is this: who else notices that wherever you look you see people on their phones? Whether it’s texting, on social media, or playing Flappy Bird, is this phone obsession healthy? Psychologically, I don’t think so. It’s also not good, because you’re not stoping and smelling the roses, aka enjoying life! You’re not challenging yourself and growing your interpersonal skills by ACTUALLY trying to have conversations with people…instead, you’re looking at your phone in avoidance. Continue reading “Slave to the Cell Phone”

5 Tips to get BACK into School Mode

What’s up everyone? Happy Friday! So, for most of us students, we’ve just finished our second week back at school after a long Christmas break where we either slept, worked, hung out, ate, or something totally unrelated to practicing equations or writing 5000 word essays, for majority of the time. My Christmas break was spent in my hometown, where I was only awake for at least 4-5 hours of daylight, and worked at the local sports lounge. I have found it a little challenging to get back into organizing my life and waking up at decent hours, that i have decided to create a list of ways that will make our lives easier.

I realize most of these “back-to-school” lists come out before the break even ends, but many people don’t realize they need some “assistance” until they start falling behind, so people, I am here to help you. It doesn’t have to be January 1st to have a “perfect” start to the year. Your perfect start can be on Monday, January 20th, and be just as good. So, let’s get started…

1. Sleep Schedule

My sleep schedule for all 23 days of my Christmas break was: go to bed at three or four in the morning and wake up at one or two in the afternoon the next day. An effective way to back that schedule back on track in a jiffy is NOT to force yourself to go to bed early (this won’t work because you’ll only just lay there until the time you usually go to bed), but try to wake up at six or seven in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to bed at 4:00 am…just WAKE UP before 8, and you’ll be able to go to bed by ten or eleven the next day, voila! You’re welcome.

2. Eating Schedule Continue reading “5 Tips to get BACK into School Mode”