My BIG Day! [Just kidding…My Stylized Bridal Photoshoot]

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have these BEAUTIFUL stylized bridal photos to show you and to be honest, this is only like half of them, but I couldn’t put them all. Sad face. I just chose my favourites, which was really hard because Justine made them all so amazing! The photos are done by Jaymarie Studios and my makeup was done by Karissa Brynn Makeup! It was so fun working with these two ladies; they are very professional, but also VERY funny and easy going! I love how Karissa did the makeup…I think I actually want this look re-created for my actual big day lol, really though. The makeup was gorgeous.

Make sure to check their pages out, and now here is what you’ve all been waiting for…the amazing photos:

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Golden_moments (37 of 65)

Hello everyone! Ooooh I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back and I’ve got a new event I’d like to share with you all! It was called Golden Moments, held at the Citadel in downtown Edmonton, and it was a great time! The theme was gold, so people had to dress or accessorize in gold. Some people had gold clothes, some had gold chains, and some had gold grillz! As usual I interviewed people and asked them questions about their lives and of course, Edmonton, our city! Continue reading “#GoldenMomentsYEG”