#OOTD: Red Fur and Mustard Yellow Trousers

Good morning y’all!! I hope you had a bomb dot com weekend. As you know, I LOVE trousers. Wide legged trousers. Patterned trousers. Bold colored trousers. The list goes on. On Saturday I was at Denizen Hall for a photoshoot…BUT we had extra time so I decided to get one of the models to take photos of me with my Samsung S8 (I’m team Android … Continue reading #OOTD: Red Fur and Mustard Yellow Trousers


Hey everyone! What’s up? As the title says, I thought today was Friday and was already mentally relaxing, but nope, it’s Thursday. Haha. I thought I’d take some time and thank the loyal readers and newcomers for supporting my blogging journey. It’s a passion of mine that I plan to improve and grow! Stay tuned and have a great weekend! Photo by Lord Ski. Continue reading I THOUGHT IT WAS FRIDAY?!

Got Bloggers-Block?!


Happy New Years everyone! It is OFFICIALLY 2015! I hope you all had an amazing holiday! It has officially been ALMOST two months since my last post…super not cool. Something that is cool though is that I have finished my degree! WOOH. I’ve been relaxing with family and friends the past few weeks, working, soul searching…..ANYWAYS, it’s time to get back to blogging! Vacation is over! LOL.

I wanted to write about how to stay motivated to keep blogging once you’ve started. Yes, this will be more of a reading-type blog post rather than the usual visual and style ones (so if you don’t like reading, scroll and see the pics and goodbye!). I wanted to share tips on things I’ve learned to stay motivated to keep blogging and how not get discouraged when things don’t take off as fast as you’d have liked! Remember, your blog will only become a success if you have a passion for doing it. If it’s a chore to you and you’ve never enjoyed blogging, quit now. Continue reading “Got Bloggers-Block?!”

I’m Not A Fashion Blogger

Hey everyone! I just felt like writing this to define the “Fashion and Beauty” portion of my blog. This portion covers around 35% of all my blogging content, so it’s important to me. Even though I have a category in my blog menu above with the word “Fashion” in it, I’d like to address that I don’t call myself a “Fashion Blogger.” Fashion bloggers know about specific designers, fashion release dates, … Continue reading I’m Not A Fashion Blogger