Video: Glam Green Glittery Holiday Eye Makeup!

Hey hey hey!! Or should I say Ho Ho HooOO!!!! It’s the festive season! Not that I do my makeup any different now than I do other times of the year, but why not just add a pinch of Christmas spirit to this blog post?! Anyways, I’ve got a new video up as you can tell from the title. Here I do a gorgeous green … Continue reading Video: Glam Green Glittery Holiday Eye Makeup!

Video: Giving Another Makeover!

Here we go again! Last time you saw me give Katharine a makeover (my first time NOT on a family member haha) and now Hawa has put her trust in my hands. We had a blast doing this video, it was the next day after meeting Christina Milian, so yes, we were still hyped up for sure. If you haven’t seen that vlog yet, check it out by clicking here. I listed all the products I used on Hawa under the video below! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more hair, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos! I will see you in my next blog post 🙂

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New Video: Giving A Makeover For the First Time!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are doing very well. Right now I’m sitting at work on my lunch, looking out a window. You know what I see? GREY. Grey clouds creating a grey-hued view making me want to do nothing but go back into my bed and watch Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, I just finished watching the first seasons of “Friends from College” and “Dear … Continue reading New Video: Giving A Makeover For the First Time!

#IYGAReviews: BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Makeup Brushes (My Experience)

Hello everyone, back at it again with another review! This time on BH Cosmetics, 7 Piece Eye Essential Brush Set:


First off, I originally heard of BH Cosmetics through beauty gurus on YouTube years ago. Being a drugstore makeup person up until only last year, I never really looked at their products. Little did I know, BH Cosmetics is basically a drugstore brand, price point wise, I’ve just never seen them in any drugstore or department stores in Canada (minus Winners every now and then). Their prices are low, and while I’m trying to up my makeup game because I am older and got the funds to try some high end things here and there (all because I’ve graduated university and paid it off ), I wasn’t sure if I should go back to my old bargain hunter makeup ways. I’ve tried some low end brands that could easily be mistaken for high end quality, so why not?! I purchased one thing: the 7 Piece Eye Essential Brush Set.  Continue reading “#IYGAReviews: BH Cosmetics Eye Essential Makeup Brushes (My Experience)”