New Video: Giving A Makeover For the First Time!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are doing very well. Right now I’m sitting at work on my lunch, looking out a window. You know what I see? GREY. Grey clouds creating a grey-hued view making me want to do nothing but go back into my bed and watch Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, I just finished watching the first seasons of “Friends from College” and “Dear … Continue reading New Video: Giving A Makeover For the First Time!

#IYGAReviews: Tartelette Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hey! What’s up? I hope you’re having an amazing morning, afternoon, night, whatever time it is! I have, yes, another review here for you today. There are tons and tons of reviews on the Internet, but I only trust reviews from certain people, so maybe you’ll trust me! When it comes to makeup I only listen to a few YouTubers opinions and more importantly, my makeup-savvy friends. They are people I know and are the least likely to get monetary compensation for telling me their opinions on makeup, so I trust it’s not biased.

1.jpgMy birthday passed just over three weeks ago and I received an email from Tarte about a birthday discount. It’s 20% which I thought was great because now I can get the Tartelette palette for cheaper than at Sephora. Continue reading “#IYGAReviews: Tartelette Eyeshadow Palettes!”

#IYGAReviews: Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette (Low End Makeup)

mr3.jpgHey y’all! Hope your day is going well! Eyeshadow has been something I’ve dabbled in since I was 12 or 13. Of course, it was Mary-Kate and Ashley creme eyeshadows and whatever my mom had in her makeup kit. I still use drugstore brands because the price point is affordable and there are great pigmented eyeshadows you can find (although I’m very in love with my Tartelette in Bloom palette and find it hard to resist (it’s amazing!!!)). Some low end shadows are hit and miss (as are high end, just left often), but that’s what testers are for! Swatch that whole tester palette before you buy it. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve even opened some sealed makeup at the drugstore to test it out if there are no testers…I ain’t paying for disappointment!

Today I’m reviewing a low end eyeshadow palette: Makeup Revolution Iconic 2. Let me tell you, I was surprised Continue reading “#IYGAReviews: Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette (Low End Makeup)”