RED HAIR FOLLOW UP: The Joico Intensity Touch Up Process (Video)

Hey y’all!! I hope you are having a wondering morning…afternoon…or evening! If you’re like me, you’re likely reading this at 1:00 am because you’re a night owl that feels wide awake at the WORST hours. Anyways, if you haven’t checked out the most dramatic hair change of my life (minus chopping it all off into a bob about three years ago), you can watch it … Continue reading RED HAIR FOLLOW UP: The Joico Intensity Touch Up Process (Video)

My Hair Dreams Have Come True (VLOG)! #TressesByTrinity

Hey y’all! Hope you are doing AMAZING. As you may know, I did my own red ombre on the lower half of my hair that I discussed in my post (click here). I call that my red hair “probationary” phase because I had always wanted vibrant red/burgundy/magenta hair and that product let me explore going bright without much effort or even having to leave the … Continue reading My Hair Dreams Have Come True (VLOG)! #TressesByTrinity

My *UPDATED* Tips for Long, Healthy Hair (For medium coarse straight/wavy hair)!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! A while back, like two years ago, I wrote out my 8 Tips for Long, Healthy Hair post. Welp, months later I decided to chop off all my hair for the first time (left pic) in my life to just touching my shoulders, and it’s been about a year and some and it’s almost all grown back (right pic from a few weeks ago)! Many people are asking me how I grew my hair back so fast. Unfortunately, there is no speeding up your hair growth, although many products claim to do so (hair pills? uhmm… I don’t think so).  Continue reading “My *UPDATED* Tips for Long, Healthy Hair (For medium coarse straight/wavy hair)!”

Hair Tutorial: Curly Mohawk on Straight Hair (No Heat)!

Tutorial Poster

Hey everyone! YES I have FINALLY made a new video! This is my first video filmed on my Canon Rebel T3i and it’s SO much better than the Mac Book webcam…amiright!? LOL. This hair tutorial has been one I’ve been wanting to make ever since I first did this hair style in early 2013 when I had long hair!

All you need to do this hairstyle are:

  • 30-50 Perm Rods
  • Styling Cream (optional)
  • Bobby Pins (TONS)
  • Water to spray
  • Strong hold hairspray
  • Fine comb
  • Sectioning hair cilp

Video is at the very bottom of this post! Please tag me in any photos of you doing this hairstyle! I’d love to see the result! Below are photos of me with the hairstyle!

Here are photos from my hair after I did this video (shoulder length hair):


Continue reading “Hair Tutorial: Curly Mohawk on Straight Hair (No Heat)!”

Hair Tutorial: Big Cornrows + No-Heat Waves For Days!

Hello everyone! One of my favourite no-heat hairstyles is just simple, wavy hair! I don’t like how regular braids just get the lower half of the hair wavy, so I do big cornrows all around my head to get the waves started from the roots! You can also do french braids instead of cornrows, but I prefer the texture the cornrows gives the waves! In … Continue reading Hair Tutorial: Big Cornrows + No-Heat Waves For Days!

#OOTD: Denim, Denim, Denim!

Hey everyone! I caught up with a photographer/friend of mine, Danica Stonehouse! She is the owner of Shoot or Be Shot. I recently found out that denim on top and bottom is called the “Canadian Tuxedo,” so this is my take on it, I guess! You can see the details of everything in the outfit at the bottom.Thanks for checking out my post and have a great day! 🙂 IMG_0786 as Smart Object-1 Continue reading “#OOTD: Denim, Denim, Denim!”

8 Tips for Long, Healthy Hair

Hair Photo

Hey everyone! I recently just had my hair dyed and I am super excited about it. Both above photos were taken 24 hours apart, and I don’t know how I like my hair better. I’m still not used to it being lighter, I really loved my black-brown hair. Yes, I realize that people get their hair done everyday, but this was my first time in four years and I LOVE talking about hair so bare with me! In this blog post, I wanted to give you guys my hair story and share some tips to grow your hair long and keep it healthy. I’ve done this before, and made videos, but I took them down, due to some updated methods I’ve chosen. My whole life, pretty much, I’ve gotten questions about my hair, or if it’s real or extensions, how I keep it healthy, and all that…

People often ask, how do you keep your hair so long, and it’s not dried out? Well, I actually had a long journey to where I’m at today. I’ll give you all some background, so that maybe someone with the same or similar hair type to mine can use my advice! Continue reading “8 Tips for Long, Healthy Hair”