Style in the City: The Fashion Show and Market!

Hey there! I hope you are doing lovely today. A couple weekends ago, myself and Janelle Lawton put together a fashion show and market in downtown Edmonton. It was called: Style in the City! The purpose of the event was to bring out Edmonton’s local designers, boutique owners, and of course, an audience that loves supporting local! I had the honor of MC-ing the event, which was a … Continue reading Style in the City: The Fashion Show and Market!

#OOTD: Jewel Sofia Bracelets!

Hello there! Hope yall having a great day. I am currently in Prince Edward Island having a mini vacay! How is it on the east coast? It’s a little quieter and spacious than back home, that’s for sure.

As many of you know (if you follow me on IG, Facebook, Twitter, or just know me personally) I have created a handmade jewelry company called Jewel Sofia. You can find images of all my items on the website and where/how to purchase! I’m really excited about this new adventure, it’s been a longtime dream of mine and I hope and pray you all love my items too.edited4
Anyways, here is a simple look I put together to showcase some Jewel Sofia bracelets. Neutrals look great with a splash of color, which is what I did here. Without any accessories, this would just be a boring, camel colored midi dress, however, I spiced it up a little by adding the main color of teal to the mix. With the teal in the shoes matching the bracelets and necklace, it almost makes it pop more than if I just had one or the other. Enjoy the photos! Note: it was extremely sunny on this day which is why my eyes are squinted or not looking at the camera haha. 

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#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re Thanksgiving was delicious! I definitely enjoyed mine. 🙂 The outfit below can be worn to work at the office, shopping, going to the movies, and just about that lets you wear a purse and heeled boots! The outfit is from J. Lea Fashion House from top to bottom, and her store is now open, so go check it out!DSC_3406I don’t know about you, but I usually stick to solid colours… I just feel most comfortable in solids. This post is about how to wear multiple “statement” pieces. Listen to the details of this outfit: a rasberry houndstooth tweed blazer, white chiffon blouse with a black, leather collar, navy blue jeans, and deep green suede boots, oh, not to mention a black floral textured tote purse. Yes, that combination is a mouthful, and maybe before looking at the photos, it’d be very hard to imagine as a successful outfit, but it actually turned out to be one. Some would say the blazer is the focus of the outfit…some would say it’s the green boots, and many would say that no, those shouldn’t be mixed together. Maybe one with something more neutral…DSC_3403 Continue reading “#OOTD: Patterns and Colors! (The Trick to Multiple Statement Pieces)”

#OOTD: Comfy Crewneck ‘n Boots!

Hey everyone! What’s good?! It’s been two weeks…I know, but I’ve been spending time with the fam and my babies (2 beautiful cats), so I’ve been digitally absent. LOL….Anyways, up here in Canada, it’s about to be Thanksgiving long weekend! I’m so excited. Thanksgiving dinner is almost as big of a deal to my fam as Christmas dinner! My mom goes OFF in the kitchen!! It’s always SO yummy.

Today’s post is going to show a casual fall outfit, head-to-toe from J. Lea Fashion House. By the way, it’s NOW open, so go check it out.

This outfit is great for pretty much anything. I literally can’t think of anything that you wouldn’t wear this outfit to…maybe a fancy event, or a ball, or swimming LOL, but shopping, watching a football game, going out for lunch, etc…it’s comfy, yet put together. Full outfit details at the bottom!

Have a Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

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#OOTD: Show-Off-Them-Shoulders Dress!

Happy Friday! Wooh! You made it! Even if it’s not your Friday, be happy! Anyways, this past Monday, myself and a few other bloggers attended Workhall‘s new location party! Workhall is a local boutique here in Edmonton, where the clothing is actually designed and made in the store (aka factory)! So cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos of the party, minus us goofing around on Snapchat, so I’m just going to show you the outfit I wore. I decided to go with my personal favorite type of ensemble…simple, solid-colored, and fitted! I loved, loved, loved wearing this navy dress; the cut-out detail on the shoulders gave it an extra side of sass! The closed neckline and knee length was classy but the fit still made it sexy! Minus the shoes and watch, it’s all from J. Lea Fashion House!


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#OOTD: In The Mountains!

Hey everyone! You’re probably familiar with J. Lea Fashion House by now. If you’ve been visiting my blog regularly throughout the past few months, I’ve been blogging some great designer pieces from her online shop. Welp, it is no longer exclusively online people! The physical store will be officially opening in the Windermere area of south Edmonton at a date to be announced very soon this fall! Edit12 I spent this past long weekend in Banff for a vacation and thought, why not do an outfit shoot at the Fairmont Banff Springs!? It’s such a beautiful hotel surrounded by mountains, there is no better place to wear a fall outfit! Continue reading “#OOTD: In The Mountains!”

#OOTD: Last Tuesday Night!

Edit2Hey what’s up hello! This past Tuesday, myself and the girls from the Blogger Brunch decided to have a round two and go our for dinner in the lovely downtown area. The purpose of our meet ups isn’t for good food, although that is a bonus, it’s for sharing ideas, talking about our latest posts and discoveries, upcoming events, and other blogger-related things! Oh, and another thing is that we all dress up and bring our cameras so that we can take OOTD photos of each other haha, this is probably the best part of the whole meet up. NewEdit3
Anyways, it was a lot of fun and now let’s get to le outfit…Since September has begun, and I knew that we’d be surrounded by brick buildings, I decided to take advantage Continue reading “#OOTD: Last Tuesday Night!”

#OOTD: Truth or Darling?

Edit1Hey everyone! Happy September! Yes, fall is right around the corner and I’m partially excited (because wool sweaters, Timberlands, and scarves) and partially not ready because I don’t want to let go of summer yet! It’s been a busy but amazing summer: I graduated uni, moved, travelled, watched my a best friend get married, met so many new people, and I’ve got one more big trip to end the summer off with a bang! 🙂  Continue reading “#OOTD: Truth or Darling?”

#OOTD: My LPD (Little PINK Dress!)

Happy Thursday everyone! Lately it’s been a little stormy out but it’s still summer and that means…keep up the bright colors! I love effortless dresses that you can just throw on quick, yet still look polished. This pink dress from south Edmonton boutique, J. Lea, does just that. It’s beaded detailing around the neck and down the middle allow you to look accessorized without throwing on much jewelry. I just paired this with a watch, but some dainty bracelets, even a simple beaded bracelet, and some classic diamond earrings would look great too. Thanks for checking out the blog and have a lovely weekend! Outfit details at the bottom with links to the product’s page! Take care!

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#OOTD: It’s called florals, darling!

Hey everyone!! It’s Floral Friday! It’s July and it’s my favorite month. It’s my fave because it’s the month of (mostly) consistently beautiful weather, my birthday, so many bbqs, patio drinks, and so much more!

Onto the outfit…I used to think florals were nothing BUT country style (just not really me lol), but have realized there are so many types of floral patterns that emit a happy, energetic, bold, summer-time vibe! Since then, I’ve been loving florals made with bold colors or on cool structured clothing and I’m no longer missing out haha. Anyways, below is a matching blazer and shorts set by Darling Clothes from J. Lea Fashion House! Her website is now ready, so go check it out by clicking here! Enjoy & have a great weekend!

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#OOTD: Work It Out!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the delay on this post, I was going to publish it while I was in Vegas, but…I was in Vegas! LOL. Anyways, here it is! There is a brand new, high-end fashion boutique coming to south-side Edmonton that I’m very excited to be working with. It’s called J.Lea Fashion House in the Windermere area, and it’s owned by the gorgeous Janelle Lawton. Everything she’ll be selling has excellent quality and style–trust me, I a LONG time checking out all the items she’ll be getting! There will also be some pretty unique jewelry that I’m a huge fan of…

This past week I worked out in this Gentle Fawn full fitness outfit. By the way, I’m totally NOT an outdoors runner, you’ll always find me at the gym…but the gym isn’t too photo friendly, so hence why I’m outside lol. I also am not sure if action shots are my forte…haha. The outfit I thought was super cute because it’s a matching leggings and sports bra set. I also loved that my grey Nikes matched! It’s also really light and breathable, so despite the super hot weather we had the day we took these photos, I still felt cool and not gross haha.

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